Academy Idol Top 12 Voting Now Open! It’s Cinematographers Week!

Hello readers! Thanks for so much support for Academy Idol, which received thousands of votes in just two days. Today we’ll go over the results of the Top 13 round, as well as open voting for the Academy Idol Top 12. Some films are quickly establishing themselves as juggernauts for this competition, while others surprisingly faltered. With that in mind, let’s jump into the Round of 13 results.

Results from Top 13

For the Top 13, we used Early Precursors as a voting criteria. The safe films were: “Arrival,” “Moonlight,” “La La Land,” “Manchester By the Sea,” “Nocturnal Animals,” “The Jungle Book,” “Zootopia,” “Hell or High Water,” “Jackie” and “Silence.” Our bottom three for the week were “Fences,” “Hidden Figures” and “Loving.” “Fences” easily beat the other two films, so it also joins our safe films of the week. This set up a bottom two of “Hidden Figures” and “Loving.” Based on our Precursor Tracker, neither has performed exceptionally well. “Loving” missed entirely with SAG, while “Hidden Figures” got Octavia Spencer into Best Supporting Actress with both the Globes and SAG. “Loving” has shown up with the critics group a couple of times, with support going to Ruth Negga.

Women Film Critics CircleUnfortunately, one of these films has to go home this week. By a single vote, the film to be heading home is…….

Hidden Figures.”

While the film gained some support, it wasn’t enough to outlast “Loving.” Good luck to Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monáe and Taraji P. Henson moving forward. They’re still certainly in the hunt for Best Picture, as well as several acting nominations. Unfortunately, it exits Academy Idol X early in the game. 

Top 12 Polls Open

With our Top 12 settled, it’s time to look at our contenders. Most of the films remaining have very strong cinematography credentials, and we’ll look at some of those today. Based on our current predictions, “Silence,” “La La Land,” “Arrival,”  and “Moonlight” would be the Academy Idol crossover with Oscar. However, nine of the Academy Idol top 12 make their way onto the 30 film prediction chart. There are some incredible cinematographers to consider in the top 12. Among them are Bradford YoungRodrigo PrietoSeamus McGarvey and Stéphane Fontaine. There are many great cinematographers to choose from, so vote on the top 12 below!

Vote now on your favorite films of 2016!  Let us hear your favorites in the comments below! 

Voting closes for Academy Idol Top 12 on Dec. 30. Look for the Top 11 to open on Jan. 1.

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