Academy Idol XII: Final Voting Opens!


It is time to pick our winner for Academy Idol! Another long season comes to a close, but it’s been fun. It is time to eliminate one last film and open up our last round of voting. Let’s jump into the voting!

Semi-Finals Results

Let’s start by announcer our winner of the semi-final round. In a rout, “The Favourite” simply ran away with the round. This earns “The Favourite” has reeled off ten straight wins. It’s set itself up nicely to win the whole thing.

Meanwhile, “A Star Is Born” and “Roma” are in the bottom two. By a margin of four votes, one of these films goes home.  For “Roma,” it seems like the Academy Awards await. For “A Star Is Born,” many will try to dissect its Oscar campaign. What happened to the film that was promised as the frontrunner in October? one will survive to reach the finals of Academy Idol. The movie advancing will be…”A Star Is Born!” For “Roma, this marks a bittersweet end to its run and will hold the distinction as one of the most successful foreign films in Academy Idol history.

Final Round of Academy Idol Final Opens For Voting

As we enter our final round of voting, the Oscars loom on the horizon! With only days to go, Academy Idol will crown a champion. Both of the films to make it to the end scored well with the Academy itself. “The Favourite” tied for the lead with ten Oscar nominations. It was a less successful day for “A Star Is Born,” but despite some snubs, it still got eight nominations on the morning. Both have strong support from different strongholds of fans. Now, they face off for supremacy in the Academy Idol XII Final Round. Vote now! 

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