Academy Idol XII Round 11: Semi-Final Round!


It is time for us to reveal our semi-final films. Academy Idol XII has been rolling along, and with only a couple weeks until the Oscars, we’re about to get to our finals. However, we have one more film to drop before we open the next round of voting.

Round 10 Results

Our last round was determined by the best performance in a film. With only four films left, we were left with the following choices:

  • A Star Is Born”
  • The Favourite”
  • “Hereditary
  • Roma

Three of the films have multiple Oscar nominations, so your preference may vary. It is fairly surprising that so many Oscar-nominated performances are still representing themselves this late in the game. Ultimately, this may have been the deciding factor in determining who would advance. The two films safe in this round were:

  • “A Star Is Born”
  • “The Favourite”

While these films are the top two, the third place film only received one less vote than our second place finisher. The winner for this round of Academy Idol XII was… “The Favourite!” Once again, the period piece wins big, taking home its ninth straight victory. If we wanted to give an immunity idol for a film to make the final, this would be a worthy winner. Now let’s turn to the film that will not move on. The bottom two films were:

  • “Hereditary”
  • “Roma”

Ultimately, the Oscar-nominated performances won out, and “Hereditary” heads home this week. For a movie that never caught on a big way outside of the critic’s groups, it did extremely well. It did much better than “Get Out,” which was eliminated after Round 8 last year. It’ll be curious to see if any horror films can catch on in 2019 the way this one was able to in 2018.

Round 11 Voting Opens 

It’s time to pick your favorite films left in Academy Idol. We’re down to three of the films that defined the year in film. We have the ACCA 2018-winner, BAFTA-winner, and Critics Choice-winner “Roma” from Alfonso Cuarón. There is the Bradley Cooper triumph “A Star Is Born,” where Cooper wrote, directed, and produced the film. Finally, Yorgos Lanthimos finally broke through with his most mainstream film yet, with “The Favourite” earning three acting nominations for its ladies. You only get a single vote in this round, so use your pick wisely.

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Who are you going to support in this round? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments below! 

Voting for Academy Idol XII Round 11 will close Feb. 17, 2019. Voting for the Final Round will open on Feb. 18, 2019.

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