Academy Idol XII Round 8 – Oscars, SAG, and DGA


It’s time for us to jump back into Academy Idol XII! We’re down to our final 6 films with only weeks to go until the Oscars! Let’s check out the last round and get back to the tournament!

Round 7 Results

The latest round put our top contenders up against each other, with only first-place votes counting for each film. Our top 3 films were par for the course this time out. They are:

  • “A Star Is Born” (6th Top 3 Finish)
  • “The Favourite” (7th Top 3 Finish, 5 Wins)
  • “Roma” (4th Top 3 Finish)

One more time, “The Favourite” emerges as the victorious film of the tournament. It has never wavered at any point during this season. With another win in the bag, it feels like we’re marching towards a win for “The Favourite,” and it will be curious to see if it can hold onto the spot. Watch out for ACCA winner “Roma” to make a late push.

Meanwhile, our bottom four teams are as follows.

  • “A Quiet Place” (3rd Bottom Finish)
  • “Hereditary” (2nd Bottom Finish)
  • “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” (1st Bottom Finish)
  • “Widows” (2nd Bottom Finish)

With only 7 films left in the competition, we decided to separate the top and bottom contenders. Every film has appeared in the bottom three with the exception of “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,” which makes its first appearence in the bottom here. However, there were only two films in danger of going home. With that said, our film eliminated from the competition today is…”A Quiet Place.” The sci-fi horror film fell off considerably when applying the number one vote rule to the movie. However, a seventh-place finish is not so bad for John Krasinski. 

Round 8 Voting

Now it’s time to get to voting on Academy Idol XII Round 8. This round, we’re rolling together DGA, SAG, BAFTA Nominations, and Oscar nominations into a single round. Which films have big advantages?

“Roma” seems to be the logical choice to lead here, especially after winning DGA and scoring 10 Oscar nominations. Meanwhile, “The Favourite” put up massive numbers again, and while it did not win anything at SAG, that luck will likely change at BAFTA. It also tied “Roma” for the most Oscar nominations.

While “A Star Is Born” has fell under troubled times, Bradley Cooper still earned two DGA nominations. It earned 8 Oscar nominations on the morning and could still receive support from BAFTA. “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” also received nominations all over the place, including an Oscar nod for Best Animated Feature.

However, “Widows” and “Hereditary” have both run into trouble. Neither showed up in a big way, with “Widows” only getting a single nomination for Best Actress. Meanwhile, “Hereditary” got blanked. If voters abide by the theme, it might not survive.


This round you get three votes! With only six films left, who do you think will make our top five? Let us hear your thoughts below and vote to have your voice heard!


What do you think about the round? Who are you voting for? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments below! 

Round 8 voting closes Feb. 5, 2019. Round 9 voting begins on Feb 6, 2019. 

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