The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science, or AMPAS, is responsible for putting on the Oscars. For many in the film community, the organization continues to draw ire, despite the fact they put on the pinnacle event of American filmmaking. Just a few months ago, controversy swelled around the Most Popular Film category. Even when AMPAS walked back the category, many remained angry about the decisions that led to the new concept. Many of the decisions in the last couple of years seem centered around a single idea: the AMPAS museum. While the latest news from the group does not tie directly to the museum, some of the voters are suspicious.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, AMPAS members will now have to pay $450 annually to continue their membership in the organization. This raises the dues $100, a 28.5% increase. The increased rate will be the first price hike for the membership since 2015. Anonymous members revealed to the Hollywood Reporter they feel that AMPAS is misleading them. The organization cited the need to put on more events for members. One member believes the extra revenue will instead go towards the museum. Others believe the extra money brought in by adding members to the voting body should be enough to pay for the new events.

On the flip side, a new member noted that the price is not an issue to them. The new member did not hear about the actual price until they were accepted into the Academy. They compared the pricing to the BAFTA awards, which runs about $250 per year, but only supplies some of the voters with screeners. It’s always curious to get a look behind the curtain of AMPAS, so keep an eye out for more news in the coming weeks.

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