Annapurna’s Fox News Drama Adds Margot Robbie and Nicole Kidman to Cast


One of the underrated moments of the “MeToo” movement was the dropping of Roger Ailes from Fox News. Ailes was one of the chief architects of the network, one of the main cogs that pushed the network to the far right. Ailes was also known for his sexual appetite, one that was largely believed to include inappropriate coercion. That was exposed in a 2014 book, beginning a tidal wave of allegations including Gretchen Carlson and Megyn Kelly. Now, Annapurna’sFair and Balanced” film depicting Ailes’ downfall has added Margo Robbie and Nicole Kidman to the film.

According to Variety, Kidman was added to the film to play Carlson in the film. Shortly after, Kidman was added to the cast as producer Kayla Pospisil. “Fair and Balanced” had already cast Kelly, with Charlize Theron taking on the role. Jay Roach will handle directing duties, and Charles Randolph (“The Big Short“) will write the film. This is clearly shaping up to be a big deal rather quickly.

The question that many will ask is whether or not Fox News should receive a film with this cast. While Fox News continues to be one of the highest rated networks on television, it has a very devout, yet niche audience. Meanwhile, Kelly and Carlson were let go from Fox, joining MSNBC in recent years. Still, the importance of their story should not be underrated. Regardless of where you sit on the political aisle, this was a landmark moment in the “MeToo” movement.

What do you think of the “Fair and Balanced” cast? Do you think that Kidman or Robbie will get pushed lead? Or will they play supporting actress to Theron? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Annapurna produces “Fair and Balanced.” A release date has yet to be announced.