Anthony Ramos Set as the Lead in Warner Bros. Adaptation of ‘In the Heights’

Anthony Ramos

Lin-Manuel Miranda may have become a household name thanks to “Hamilton,” but that was not his breakout work. Back in 2005, his first big show “In the Heights” premiered in Connecticut. The show was met with great reception, moving to Broadway in 2008. The story of a bodega owner in Washington Heights drew tremendous praise, earning 4 Tonys and a Grammy. Miranda received the clout to begin “Hamilton” and Universal acquired the rights to the film. While the rights to a film adaptation have been passed around in the years since Universal’s acquisition, they finally landed at Warner Bros. After the success of “Hamilton,” the film adaptation actually got going, and now Miranda’s “Hamilton” co-star Anthony Ramos will star.

In the Heights

According to The Wrap, Ramos will take on the role in the upcoming adaptation. Ramos comes from a musical theater background, originating the roles of Philip Hamilton and John Laurens in “Hamilton” back in 2015. He has also begun to show up in films, including “A Star Is Born” as Gaga’s best friend Ramon. His 2nd film in theaters right now is “Monsters and Men,” a Sundance hit. Next year he is slated for a role in the upcoming “Godzilla: King of the Monsters” blockbuster. Clearly, Ramos will continue to be in demand.

Director John M. Chu will direct the “In the Heights” adaptation straight off his work in “Crazy Rich Asians” earlier this year. While Ramos will be the first piece of the puzzle, the rest of the cast will need strong performers as well. The original Broadway show received 3 acting nominations, including Usnavi (Ramos). The other two went to Sonny (played by Robin de Jesús) and Abuela Claudia (Olga Merediz). With the project gaining steam, look for a superstar cast to emerge for the 2020 film.

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“In the Heights” will release in the Summer of 2020. Warner Bros. will distribute.  

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