Anya Taylor-Joy to Star in ‘Last Night in Soho’

Coming off the success of “Glass,” Anya Taylor-Joy just landed a new starring role. According to Variety, she will play one of the leads in Edgar Wright’s upcoming psychological thriller. Also, the previously untitled film finally has a title: “Last Night in Soho.”

Besides the story being set in London’s Soho district, plot details are currently unknown. However, the film is allegedly in the same vein as “Don’t Look Now” and “Repulsion,” two classic thrillers. Along with the talent involved, that should get genre fans intrigued. Thanks to “Shaun of the Dead,” Edgar Wright has previous horror experience. But he hasn’t done more serious horror fare, though. So, this could be interesting.

As for Anya Taylor-Joy, her involvement allows her to maintain her “scream queen” title. She first broke out with “The Witch” back in 2016 and has shown no signs of slowing down. After “The Witch” came “Split” which was a massive success and led to the sequel “Glass” where she reprised her role as Casey Cooke. She also has upcoming films like “The New Mutants,” “Radioactive,” and the “Nosferatu” remake adding to her busy slate.

After the success of “Baby Driver,” Wright has mentioned the possibility of a sequel. But with “Last Night in Soho” being fast-tracked, Wright is easing his foot on the gas pedal. So, “Baby Driver” fans will have to wait a tad longer.

Production on “Last Night in Soho” is slated to begin this summer in London. Also, Wright and “Penny Dreadful” writer Krysty Wilson-Cairns have written the script for Focus and Working Title.

What do you think of Anya Taylor-Joy starring? Also, do you like the film’s title? Please share your thoughts in the comments section!

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Written by Matt St.Clair

Matt St.Clair is a freelance film journalist currently residing in Connecticut. He is a member of the Gay & Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association and the Online Film & Television Association.

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