“Argo” having a sneak screening at Telluride TODAY!

Is this a sign that Ben Affleck’s film is a true Oscar player?

The Telluride Film Festival is getting underway as you’re reading this, and we can now confirm earlier reports that one of the annual surprise screenings at the fest is going to be ‘Argo’. The Playlist has reported here that Ben Affleck’s third directorial outing is getting a spot there before its “official” debut in Toronto. Could this be a signal that Affleck’s flick is a big time awards contender? We shall, and the initial reactions to the flick are sure to come shortly, but after the jump you can find out the details of the premiere as well as what else could wind up showing at Telluride. I’m anxious to see some reviews, and I bet you are as well. Read on below for more on the no longer secret news…

Here’s the relevant part of the article:

The LA Times reports that Ben Affleck’s “Argo,” which will still have its official world premiere at TIFF next week, will have a “sneak peek” at Telluride. It certainly adds to the film’s muster as a possible Oscar contender, with Affleck’s third film as a director telling the true story of a CIA team who disguise themselves as filmmakers to rescue a small group of Americans trapped in Iran after the U.S. Embassy gets taken over in 1979. It certainly has the kind of cast a red carpet is more than happy to roll out for with Alan Arkin, Bryan Cranston, John Goodman, Kyle Chandler, Richard Kind, Scoot McNairy, Chris Messina, Michael Parks, Taylor Schilling and more lending their talents. It definitely looks like weightier fare which, if the film works, could boost its awards season chances.

As is always the case at Telluride, there may be one or two more movies announced as things are underway. Our potential guess? Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln.” Word has it that it starts screening for critics next month and given that we have no trailer and no buzz for the movie less than three months before release, it would be a helluva way to start off the campaign for the movie. But again, we’re just spitballing here and certainly there are lots of other films that could pop up as well.

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