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As I’m typing up this post, the BAFTA awards are about to get underway (in fact, they’ll probably be over by the time you read this). The entire week leading up to the biggest precursor yet has featured a slew of articles discussing the impact of this particular awards show on the Oscars. Below you’ll find links to such stories as well as various other awards talk from the most trusted voices among punditry.

Story of the Week:

Mere days before the big reveal, the respected prognostication team at HitFix takes a stab at predicting the winners of BAFTA. The conclusions aren’t always agreed upon, and it just goes to show you how unpredictable this race is if nobody can reach a firm consensus.

Best of the Rest:

Taking a wildly unpopular stance (not unlike yours truly earlier in the week), Tom O’Neil makes a bold statement by predicting Leonardo DiCaprio as the upcoming recipient of the “Best Actor” Academy Award. Click here to read his very compelling reasons as to why he’s so convinced of this possibility.

Over at Indiewire, Peter Kneght keeps the race interesting by making sure we are well informed about what categories still offer a ton of suspense leading up to the big night. These are the five he mentions.

The Hollywood Reporter’s Scott Feinberg breaks down the “Best Actress” race, noting that while Cate Blanchett’s film isn’t up for “Best Picture” like in the case of some of her competitors, her domination of the precursor season is too big to ignore for AMPAS voters.

While the Oscar season is in many ways the most rewarding for fans of the movie industry and those involved in it, more often than not its sullied by the ugly stories or controversies surrounding the recognized films and performances. Grantland’s Mark Harris goes into further detail about how “ugly” this particular Oscar race has become.

Sasha Stone at Awards Daily updates her “State of the Race” column, and in it reveals that when Academy members go to vote for their favorite film of the year, they’re really telling us which movie hero (or “hero”) their hearts are most drawn to.

Deadline’s Pete Hammond breaks down the acting categories, profiling each contender and ultimately revealing which of them is in the best position to win. Per usual during this time of the race, there aren’t many surprises left in store.

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