Link(s) of the week:

In the wake of Argo cleaning up at PGA and SAG last weekend, Jon Weisman of Variety warns us against counting Lincoln out of the Oscar race, regardless of how good the chances look for Affleck’s film to bring home the big prize.

Scott Feinberg at The Hollywood Reporter tells us it is time to start panicking if we are rooting for anything other than Argo to win Best Picture, but also offers up seven ways to counter the strength of Ben Affleck’s film.

Oliver Lyttelton at The Playlist lists five things we learned about the Oscar season from the PGA and SAG results.

Sasha Stone at Awards Daily provides us with a timeline of events that led to Argo being out in front for Oscar.

Nathaniel Rogers at The Film Experience gives us three reasons why Argo became the Oscar frontrunner.

Pete Hammond at Deadline senses something in the air that might make the improbable, probable.

Brad Brevet at Rope of Silicon has his latest Oscar predictions up.

The Los Angeles Times’ John Horn and Nicole Sperling look at the completely different campaigns of Lincoln and Argo as the showdown draws nearer to Oscar.

There was a lot of buzz around the internet on whether Argo will be the next Driving Miss Daisy (the film to win Best Picture without a Best Director nom) or the next Apollo 13 (the film to dominate the guilds only to lose at Oscar). Here’s Gregory Ellwood of In Contention’s take on it.