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Scott Feinberg at The Hollywood Reporter urges using caution for those predicting the winners of the 86th annual Academy Awards this far out. And while he’s undoubtedly right, where’s the fun in using caution for this silly game we all love to play each year? You can also read Scott’s take on the Academy’s decision to bring back host Ellen DeGeneres, here.

Other worthy news from around the web…

Christopher Lominac at What Culture! breaks down the month of August, and assesses which films being released this month have the best shot with Oscar. Also at What Culture! this week, Shaun Munro looked at 10 actors that might have an unexpected date with Oscar this year. Though I’m not sure how you can ever call the likes of Robert Redford and Oprah Winfrey “unexpected.”

Pete Hammond at Deadline thinks Cate Blanchett’s performance in Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine has officially kicked off the Oscar season, and calls her nomination a “cinch.”

Brad Brevet at Rope of Silicon updates his Oscar predictions.

In Contention’s Guy Lodge wonders if Before Midnight can stay on the awards radar as it expands to more theaters.

Screen Rant’s Anthony Taormina gives us a preview of the seven movies he is looking forward to that are coming out in the month of August.

The staff at The Playlist discuss films about first love.

The Film Experience’s Nathaniel Rogers breaks down the American Hustle trailer with his trademarked “Yes, No, Maybe So” piece.

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Ellen DeGeneres Returns To Host The Oscars!