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First Showing’s Alex Billington made headlines at the Toronto International Film Festival when he dialed 911 to report someone using their cell phone during a screening. He breaks down the whys and why nows, and even comes up with ways to solve the problem that make a lot of sense to me. It’s a must-read for those who want to have the full story of what went down at TIFF this year. Do you agree with Alex? Have other ideas to solve this ongoing problem?

Other worthy news from around the web…

The Wrap’s Steve Pond listed five reasons that 12 Years a Slave is no lock for Best Picture.

Awards Daily’s Sasha Stone previewed the Supporting Actor and Supporting Actress Oscar races.

The Hollywood Reporter’s Scott Feinberg provided his most recent Oscar predictions.

The Film Experience’s Nathaniel Rogers gave three reasons for us to stfu about the Foreign Language Oscar race and just enjoy the films.

Rope of Silicon’s Brad Brevet dipped his own hand into predicting the Supporting Actress race, as well as well as the one for Lead Actress. Then followed with Lead ActorSupporting Actor, Director, both Original and Adapted Screenplay, and, finally, Best Picture.

Collider’s Adam Chitwood wrapped up the early portion of the fall festival season with his Oscar predictions.

Thelma Adams‘ site owner doesn’t seem to care much for Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity.

What Culture’s Alan Howell compiled a list of nine outstanding performances robbed of Best Actor Oscars.

Thompson on Hollywood’s Anne Thompson looked at the winners and losers of Telluride and Toronto.

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