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There are many great Oscar bloggers out there, but for my money, the very best is Grantland’s Mark Harris. This week, Harris declared that the Oscar race has officially begun with Rush and Enough Said hitting theaters. The race doesn’t begin when bloggers and critics see the films, according to Harris, but when the films are seen by regular people in movie theaters. You may or may not agree with Harris, but his points are thought-provoking at the least, and he is always worth the read.

Other worthy news from around the web…

Vulture’s Kyle Buchanan used his crystal ball to forecast the Oscar race.

The guys at In Contention surveyed the Best Picture race.

The Wrap’s Steve Pond provided his analysis on the strangest Emmy Awards in recent memory.

Gold Derby’s Tom O’Neil explained the Jeff Daniels (Newsroom) Emmy upset.

Thelma Adams reminded us to never call the Oscar race before we see the nominations. Hell, even after seeing the nominations it’s rarely a done deal (remember Lincoln’s 12 nominations and Argo’s missing Director nom?).

Rope of Silicon’s Brad Brevet wondered if there will ever be another Roger Ebert.

Awards Daily’s Sasha Stone showed what the Emmys can teach us about how we watch the Oscars.

The Film Experience’s Nathaniel Rogers advised us there is no current frontrunner for the Lead Actor Oscar, and listed all the men he could see winning by the end of the awards season.

Several members of the staff at Vulture ranked 100 things that make you a millennial. Whatever the hell that is (I’m not one!).

The staff at The Playlist went over Ron Howard’s directorial career in time for this weekend’s big release, Rush.

The staff at Thompson on Hollywood ranked the films of The Coen Brothers – Spoiler! No Love for Old Lebowski. But they got the right #1.

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