Around the Circuit: September 5 – 10



Well, hello everyone! I know you’ve all been scouring the internet for the latest Oscar buzz news and reactions coming out of Telluride and now TIFF (the former brought to you by our very awesome elder statesman, Mark Johnson; the latter, of course, reported on by the ultimate cinema devotee, Shane Slater), but I’m going to try and condense everything you’ve either read about or have been meaning to into one neatly-wrapped little article. Behold, AC readers, the return of Around the Circuit in honor of the official start of the 2015-2016 awards season.

Story of the Week:

Sasha Stone of Awards Daily gives a pretty comprehensive yet concise summary of the Oscar contenders emerging out of Telluride that we should all be penciling in right about now. If there’s one “lock,” according to most pundits, it’s Hungary’s Son of Saul, which seems poised to claim every international film award from now until Oscar night. It’s also the one non-American film potentially in contention for upper tier categories besides “Best Foreign Language Film.”

Best of the Rest:

What were some of the “highs and lows” of this year’s Telluride Film Festival? The Hollywood Reporter’s Scott Feinberg and Stephen Galloway get candid with one another about their personal takeaways from the fest, coming to the conclusion that not a single film proved to be a bust…which only makes this upcoming race that much more difficult to figure out.

Could indie darling, Brie Larson, break into the big leagues with a first-time Oscar nomination with A24’s Room? Gold Derby’s Paul Sheehan seems to think so, using aggregate consensus for her performance from the nation’s top critics and pundits as the tipping point for this major possibility.

Francisco Salazar of Latin Post strongly feels that although there were many films that received quite the boost from Telluride, none emerged quite as victorious as Steve Jobs, a film once mired with controversy and pre-production woes. Fassbender’s universal praise as Jobs all but certifies him as the “Best Actor” frontrunner to beat.

Michael Miller from People gives us a valuable history lesson on the importance of scoring a “People’s Choice Award” at TIFF when it comes to Academy Award prospects. Lest we forget, TIFF is where sleeper contender (at the time, of course) Slumdog Millionaire started picking up major steam following its audience prize.

Finally, Huffington Post editors Erin Whitney and Matthew Jacobs list the top 12 movies they’re most looking forward to screening at the world’s largest film festival. Included are I Saw the Light and Program, respectively starring Tom Hiddleston and Ben Foster, two major stars whose careers have more than measured up to Oscar standards. Academy, it’s time for some deserving new blood if the performances are up to par.