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I am happy to introduce a new weekly post to you dear Awards Circuit readers: Around the Circuit will take a look back at the week around the internet, focusing primarily on bringing you perspectives on the awards race from sister sites, while also sharing just about anything movie related that might be worth your special attention.

So let’s begin, shall we?

The link of the week:

Following the news of the November release date for Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, the great Guy Lodge of Hitfix’s In Contention warned us of jumping the gun on any foregone conclusions that Daniel Day-Lewis would win his third Oscar. At least not until we’ve actually seen the performances in competition (or at least a trailer for his film!). I wholeheartedly agree, and in fact have John Hawkes (The Sessions) as my early prediction to win over my favorite actor (unless Phoenix ends up Lead for The Master, then I’ll switch to him). I mean, look how long it took the legendary Meryl Streep to win her third Oscar, right? Not to mention that no one has ever won three Lead Actor Oscars. If anyone was to do it, though, my money would be on Day-Lewis, who I regard as the finest actor of the last 20+ years. Read his post here.

Over at The Hollywood Reporter, Scott Feinberg examines the biggest snubs following the Emmy nominations announcement on Thursday. But as always, when looking at snubs you first have to look at what was nominated to see if there were any undeserving nominees. There are only so many spots up for grabs, after all. So a snub is only a snub if something else less deserving got in, savvy? Choosing someone even as good as Hugh Laurie (House) for Best Drama Actor doesn’t quite grab me when you consider that he’d have to replace one of Cranston (Breaking Bad), Hamm (Mad Men), Buscemi (Boardwalk Empire), Lewis (Homeland), Hall (Dexter), or Bonneville (Downton Abbey – which admittedly I haven’t seen, but hear he is incredible). I’m not buying that one. But I’m sure many House fans feel differently, and Scott has many other great choices, so have a read.

Over at Indiewire, Oliver Lyttelton schools us on five things we might not know about the Batman movies. It is a great piece to read before (or after) going out to see The Dark Knight Rises this weekend.

At Awards Daily, Sasha Stone laments Oscar’s lack of ability to adapt to the changing world of cinema in her most recent State of the Race piece, prepping fans of Nolan and his Dark Knight to prepare themselves for yet another snub for the great auteur. She tries hard not to be cynical, but who can blame her for being so? When you’re right, you’re right.

Anything from around the web you feel is worth sharing? Feel free to leave a link in the comments section below.

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Lol, I just love how all of those sites are sites I also frequent together with Thompson In Hollywood and this site. Guy Lodge is possibly one of the smartest and influential movie bloggers around. His pieces and opinions are just brilliant. And he is absolutely right. Though I wouldn’t use Streep as an example, Daniel Day-Lewis will have to blow it out of the park to win that third.I am seeing more of a Tom Hanks effect more than anything.




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