‘Artist’ and ‘Descendants’ split the 62nd Annual ACE Eddie Awards!


At this year’s ACE Eddie Awards, a few interesting things of note went down. First off, ‘The Descendants’ perhaps surprisingly won for Drama editing over the likes of ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’, ‘Hugo’, ‘Moneyball’, and ‘War Horse’. This could actually make it the prime challenger (despite what I wrote in my Oscar Circuit piece here) to ‘The Artist’, which took the comedy/musical trophy from somewhat less tough competition in ‘Bridesmaids’, ‘Midnight in Paris’, ‘My Week with Marilyn’, and ‘Young Adult’. Here’s the full list of winners:

Drama – The Descendants
Comedy/Musical – The Artist
Animated Feature: Rango

One Hour series for non-commercial TV: Homeland
1-hour series for commercial TV: “Breaking Bad” – “Face Off” Skip Macdonald
Half-hour TV series: “Curb Your Enthusiasm” – Palestininan Chicken” – Steven Rasch
Best Edited Documentary: Lewis Erskine & Aljernon Tunsil, Freedom Riders
Reality Series: No Reservations
Mini Series: “Cinema Verite” Sarah Flack & Robert Pulcini

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