Asa Butterfield is the Newest Spider-Man!

asa-butterfield-spidermanMove over Andrew Garfield. Tobey Maguire who? That’s what the powers that be over at Marvel and Sony are thinking as they’ve settled on the latest actor to portray Peter Parker and his web slinging alter ego. Yes, reports/mostly confirmed rumors have Asa Butterfield as the new high school aged Spider-Man after an extensive search that had Butterfield as a finalist just a week or two ago. Time is of the essence, of course, as the character is set to debut within the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the just begun shooting Captain America: Civil War. That’ll set Spidey up for his own film, which may or may not ultimately be called Spider-Man: The New Avenger. That’s a few years in the future, but now attention can be turned to who will be at the helm. Stay tuned for that name when we have it, but right now, we know Butterfield is Parker/your friendly neighborhood wall crawler. Personally, he doesn’t thrill me, but I’m not offended either, so it sort of is what it is. Anyway, there you have it. Sit tight for more on the revival of Spider-Man at Marvel within the MCU when we have it to share with you…


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Written by Joey Magidson

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