Awards Circuit Power Hour Episode 21: Scott Feinberg joins, AMPAS Changes, and Lock vs. Hope


The Awards Circuit Editor and Staff is joined by the great Scott Feinberg this week in our Awards Circuit Power Hour!  Keeping track and discussing all the possible contenders, we also get into some in-depth discussion along with some segments.

  • Reports from NYFF!  What are some of the standouts thus far and what can we expect from high-profile films like Ang Lee’s Life of Pi.
  • Taking Reader Question!  An brilliant one I might add, asking about who is the Best Director working today!
  • We are joined by Scott Feinberg to discuss the prospects of Tom Hooper’s Les Miserables and the reaction of the new featurette that was released.
  • We talk changes to the nomination and announcement period.  What are the problems with it?  Why are they doing it?  What does this mean for late entries and the final films being released in December.
  • Sache Gervasi’s Hitchcock enters the Oscar race.  Is Fox Searchlight doing because The Sessions or Beasts of the Southern Wild doesn’t stand a chance or is Helen Mirren the new frontrunner for Best Actress?
  • We play a new segment titled: Lock vs. Hope – Which films are locks and which are just hopes for the season?

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