The AC Team comes together this week to try and decipher many question marks about the season.  We also celebrate our 25th episode.  Thanks for listening all these months.  Here’s the 25 more!  The agenda for today’s episode is listed below:

  • We talk the only two (notable) trailers that debuted last week.  Chloë Grace Moretz was a vision in the remake of Carrie from director Kimberly Pierce and co-starring Julianne Moore.  Tom Cruise makes some of us chuckle in the newest trailer for Jack Reacher.
  • 4 Star Reviews!  They seem like a rarity but the staff discusses the validity of a four-star scale and what some of our tactics are in writing about a film we just saw.  Also, find out how many four stars have been given out this year so far.  How many would you give?
  • We talk some of the films we’ve seen recently.  Martin McDonagh’s Seven Psychopaths gets a split vote from us on its clever (or lack thereof) story line.  Does Woody Harrelson, Sam Rockwell, or Christopher Walken have a chance in a Supporting category?  We talk the two screeners that hit my doorstep this week, Sony Pictures’ Classics sent out James Ponsoldt’s Smashed and the Documentary Feature hopeful, Searching for Sugar Man.  Is there room for Mary Elizabeth Winstead in Lead Actress?
  • We talk about the debacle that was Joaquin Phoenix in his recent interview about the campaign race.  Did it really hurt him at all?  Should he just be sucking it up and playing business man instead of artistic actor?
  • For Your Consideration tracker has gone up and we discuss some of the campaign choices from some of the studios thus far.  Also, what nomination hopefuls are we holding on to until we’re told otherwise.

Comment and discuss!