We are joined this week by Associate Editor and Staff Writer of Coming Soon, Edward Douglas.  We dive into a variety of topics including the recent openings of Flight and Wreck-It Ralph.  We also cover the following things in today’s agenda:

  • Hitchcock reaction from AFI Festival and other award screenings.
  • 21 Animated Films in Contention.  Which films can win the race?  Are there enough worthy contenders?
  • Disney Acquires Lucas Films with Star Wars Episode VII hitting theaters in 2015.  Our reaction to it.
  • We play “Cast This Bitch” and place actors in our general Star Wars roles.
  • We answer a slew of reader questions.
  • We play “Do-Dump-or-Marry” – Cinema Edition.
  • We also play Lock or Hope?  Which contenders are looking good (or bad) for Oscar attention?