Awards Circuit Power Hour Episode 39: The Power of Argo and ACCA 2012 Nominations!


POWERHOUR_LOGO_NEWThe Awards Circuit Power Hour is jammed packed this week with announcements and general Oscar talk.

After the big weekend for Ben Affleck’s Argo, winning the Directors Guild of America, we’re talking about the possibility of Argo taking it all but many think Lincoln is not far behind and that twelve nominations really means something.  We also ask, why isn’t Ben Affleck nominated?  Is it a downright “F U” from the Academy or is it just an oversight on their part?

Who’s winning Best Director?  Is it Spielberg’s to lose or will an ambitious director that brought the “unfilmable” book to the big screen sweep through?

With Daniel Day-Lewis and Anne Hathaway seemingly sewn up in their categories, could the great Emmanuelle Riva overtake Jennifer Lawrence in Best Actress?  Which Supporting Actor reigns supreme and becomes a multiple Oscar winner (or even three-time Oscar winner)?

Screenplays bring up a lot of controversy.  Is it Tarantino?  Is it Haneke?  Is Terrio trumping Kushner?

Academy Idol Top 5 Results Are In!  With five films left, Amour, Argo, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Silver Linings Playbook, and Zero Dark Thirty, a Bottom Three is named.  You could be getting your first glimpse at the Season Six finale.  Is it a shocker?  Listen and see.

Finally, the Awards Circuit Community Awards (or ACCA) nominations are announced for Year 2012.  I think we have some ambitious choices with some default, safe ones showing up.  Voting opens Friday but listen to see what’s nominated!


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