Awards Circuit Power Hour Episode 46: Awards Profiles, Tom Hanks, and the Year of Hailee Steinfeld?


PowerHour_Logo_NewAwards Circuit Power Hour is back this week with a great in-depth talk about some of the highlights of the past week.

We kick off the podcast talking about the new trailer for Romeo and Juliet.  Is it a story that needs to be told…again?  Also, Academy Award nominee Hailee Steinfield has a terrific year ahead of her including a role in Tommy Lee Jones’ next directorial effort.  Is there wiggle room for her to make a second showing with Oscar so soon?

Awards Profiles are in full effect again and we talk about some of them from the past week:

Akiva Goldsman directorial effort, Winter’s Tale doesn’t have much faith from the staff and it leads us to talk about the state of star Will Smith’s career.  What is he doing wrong and what can he do right again to get in good graces with AMPAS voters?

The Weinstein Company is handling Lee Daniels’ next film The Butler with Forest Whitaker.  Some of the staff remains doubtful with some miscast issues but it remains a viable contender if it hits the right chords throughout the season.

ACCA 1999 is going on and we talk about some of the great and forgotten gems of the year.  What films do we remember fondly?  Remember to vote.

We’re hoping for the return of Tom Hanks this year as he is starring in Paul Greengrass’ Captain Phillips.  We talk about how he owned the 90s, probably taking John Travolta’s only shot for an Oscar, and how he should have three or four Oscars by this time in his career.

We keep coming back to the highly anticipated Gravity from Alfonso Cuaron.  Awards Circuit reader Dan asks a great question about the science fiction genre and what it will take for Oscar to truly notice.  It gets us talking.  We also touch on the search for its female lead from Angelina Jolie to Olivia Wilde.

We end on a high note, talking about our childhood, which was touched on in last week’s Childhood Circuit.  What films were great to you as a kid, that otherwise, is terrible to a normal adult?

Listen and discuss!  Enjoy!  Include your thoughts in the comment section.