POWERHOUR_LOGO_NEWWe are taking a break from our regularly scheduled movie talk to dive into the small box of television.  On Thursday, the Emmy Nominations will be announced and the staff and I took the opportunity to break down the categories and the contenders in contention for nominations this year.  From de-throning of ABC’s “Modern Family” and AMC’s “Mad Men” to the presumed surprise inclusions of Netflix Original Series’ “House of Cards” and “Arrested Development” – the race is wide open in various categories.

  • We kick things off with BEST COMEDY SERIES – If the “Modern Family” stops this year, than which show will leap in front?  Many think it could be CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory” or a consolation prize for the end of NBC’s “30 Rock”.
    Next up is LEAD ACTOR & ACTRESS IN A COMEDY SERIES – Jon Cryer stole Louie CK’s Emmy last year and some think Alec Baldwin may do the same this year.  Can Louis catch a break?  What about the Queen of Emmy, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss?  Has “Veep” set her up for another year on the big stage?
    The SUPPORTING ACTOR & ACTRESS IN A COMEDY SERIES are exciting for some and dull for others.  It looks as though one or two normally nominated men from “Modern Family” could miss out for nods.  With the love of the show at an all-time low, does that open up a slot for Max Greenfield from “New Girl” or Bill Hader from “Saturday Night Live?”
  • There’s plenty of DRAMA to talk about in the DRAMA SERIES category.  With “Homeland” pulling in major love last year, could it go two for two this year?  What about the love for the end of “Breaking Bad” and the surge of fans that live and die for “Game of Thrones?”
    Many feel strongly that Bryan Cranston and Claire Danes are near locks for LEAD ACTOR & ACTRESS IN A DRAMA SERIES for “Breaking Bad” and “Homeland.”  Does that mean we’re in for a surprise mention of either Damien Lewis or Julianna Marguilles?
    SUPPORTING ACTOR & ACTRESS IN A DRAMA SERIES are the categories to watch.  With many stating that Corey Stoll deserves it for “House of Cards” – will Emmy go for a Netflix show like that?  How about Dame Maggie Smith?  Is there anyone else tired of her winning everything?  Can Archie Panjabi or Emilia Clarke sneak in?
  • Finally we end with TV MOVIE OR MINI-SERIES that includes talk about “Behind the Candelabra” and “American Horror Story: Asylum.”  There are other fighters in the mix that include “Phil Spector” and star Al Pacino and “Top of the Lake” and Elisabeth Moss.

Emmy Nominations will be announced Thursday with FINAL EMMY PREDICTIONS being revealed the day before.  Check back for more on the Emmy race.

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  1. What about The Americans?? I know it’s only been out there one season but it appears to have tremendous support among viewers!!

  2. Mark, it sounded like you weren’t a fan of Person of Interest by your reactions when the actors were mentioned as candidates. Please tell me this is not true, because that has to be my favorite show on TV!

    • I am an enormous fan of LOST, so I went into the show hoping for more greatness from Michael Emerson (Ben on LOST). I stuck with it for the entire first season, but, unfortunately, it just became very repetitive for me. I kept waiting for more backstory on Caviezel’s character, but it never came. I’m glad you enjoy it though. Hope I didn’t poo-poo it too much for you.


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