Awards Circuit Power Hour Episode 59: New Trailers, Ellen Degeneres, and ACCA TV Winners!


PowerHour_Logo_NewAwards Circuit Power Hour is back in full effect this week and get this, we come in at an hour.  Which is surprising because we had a lot to talk about.

Our first third of the podcast goes into the big trailers that debuted last week.  We have lots to say about David O. Russell’s American Hustle.  We dive into the prospects about the film, how good can it be, and the possibility of Amy Adams being pushed Lead as opposed to Supporting.  Also, is Bradley Cooper a future Supporting Actor winner we’re not expecting?

The very awkward (and perhaps leaked?) teaser trailer for Kill Your Darlings showed Dane DaHaan and Daniel Radcliffe chewing on some scenery.  Is the October release and the screening at Toronto going to have it get swallowed up by bigger films?

Robert Redford sat alone on a boat in the trailer for JC Chandor’s All is Lost and we couldn’t be more excited.  The impending Best Actor hopeful could finally land himself in serious contention alongside other veteran frontrunners.  Will the film be able to do more besides that though?

Universal Pictures dropped the trailer for Peter Berg’s Lone Survivor and we’re all a bit skeptical on what it can do.  Is it The Perfect Storm in Afghanistan?

We the announcement that it will be the centerpiece at the New York Film Festival, is Ben Stiller about to make a run for the Oscar stage with The Secret Life of Walter Mitty?  Many of us think so.  Not only that, below the line categories are very feasible as well like Cinematography and Visual Effects.

We’re talking the big news stories of the week including Ellen Degeneres tapped as Oscar host and the new President of the Academy.

Finally, we announce YOUR winners of the second annual Awards Circuit Community Awards for Television (or better known as ACCA TV).  Lots of surprises and a tie or two.  Check them out.