Awards Circuit Releases Long list of Oscar Predictions in New Revamped Format with Features


NEW YORK (March 30, 2018) – announced the release of its new and revamped Oscar Prediction pages for the 2019 Academy Awards ceremony.

Here at the Awards Circuit, we strive for success to bring the readers up-to-date coverage and thoughtful speculation on the Oscar race, which we cover all year round.  The brand new Oscar Prediction pages have been revamped and are now LIVE on the site.

The initial predictions that were released on March 6 named Martin Scorsese’s upcoming crime thriller “The Irishman” as the probable Best Picture winner, also slated in the top spots for Director, Supporting Actor for Al Pacino, and Film Editing for Thelma Schoonmaker.  Also being predicted in the Best Picture lineup are “Backseat” from Adam McKay, “Black Klansman” from Spike Lee, “Black Panther” from Ryan Coogler, “Bohemian Rhapsody” from Dexter Fletcher and Bryan Singer, “Boy Erased” from Joel Edgerton, “First Man” from Damien Chazelle, “If Beale Street Could Talk” from Barry Jenkins, “Mary Queen of Scots” from Josie Rourke, and “A Star is Born” from Bradley Cooper.

Let’s point out some of the new features that are there for you to enjoy.

  • You can get to the pages via the menu above by clicking on “OSCARS” or “PREDICTIONS” in the drop-down, or you can go to the sidebar and click on the “OSCAR PREDICTIONS” button.
  • When you get to the page, it will open up on the “MOTION PICTURE” category.
  • You will see the title of the category, with commentary on the week’s given predictions.
  • The next line will have a drop-down menu where you can revisit predictions from any week as we continue through the year.  This holds me accountable for all the great (and not so great) calls I make during the year (i.e., “To the Wonder” will win Best Picture) and makes for some fun for revisiting.
  • You will see a menu on the side that will have all 24 categories listed.  In a planned upgrade, that will travel down with you as you scroll the page.  That should be coming soon.
  • Then you will see the list of nominees.  When you hover over them, you may or may not see categories light up on the left-hand side.  That means the film is also listed in that given category.
  • If you click anywhere on the box, it will open up and provide you all the essential information about the film.  What was once called “PROS” and “CONS” are now called “HIGHLIGHTS” and “CHALLENGES.”  You will also see the film’s information like release date (if available), director, stars, Metacritic rating (when available), box office (when available), official website (when available), and more.  You will also see the synopsis of the movie.
  • Underneath the film’s official image, you may or may not see the text for “Trailer” and “Review” – this would open up the film’s official trailer (if available) and redirect you to the review on the website.
  • As weeks continue, the orange asterisks will turn into an up or down arrow, to let you know if something moved up or down in the rankings for the week.  All predictions archive on Mondays.

To start things off clean, I just copied and pasted my Year-in-Advanced Oscar Predictions I released a few weeks ago.  New predictions will now drop on Mondays.  Many contenders don’t have all their “Highlights” and “Challenges” yet and will be filled in as the race reveals itself.

If you have any thoughts, feedback, or want to share any outdated information, include it all in the comments below.


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