Awards Profile: Frozen


Frozen - Poster 1Directed by:  Chris Buck & Jennifer Lee

Written by:  Shane Morris & Jennifer Lee

Cast:  Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff

Synopsis:  When a kingdom is overcome with ice due to a curse created by the Snow Queen, Anna, the Snow Queen’s younger sister, must journey across the frozen land to break the curse. Along the way, Anna is joined by Kristoff, a mountain man seeking adventures, his one-antlered reindeer, and a snowman named Olaf. Both help and keep her company on her long journey.

Why it could succeed:  Being a tale that emphasizes the strength in women while using all the elements of Disney storytelling, this movie can become another ‘Brave‘ tale. Where men are not so relevant and women are the primary forces behind the society, the courage and wit required to survive is within Anna. Like a puzzle that just needs to be pieced together, everything is there to make the story funny, heart-warming, and a bit romantic, with a ‘happily ever after’ feeling. With the way Disney has been growing with their audience, this movie has the potential of appealing to kids and adults of all ages. Known for writing great songs with catchy tunes, Disney can really hit the box office with this film if done properly.

Why it could fail:  Being so stereotypical of a story, Disney has to work hard to out-do all of the past successes, including the projects Pixar and other non-live action films have risen to. Having to compete with the past makes it a bigger challenge for Disney, which has disappointed with a few films lately. On their own two feet, Disney is no longer the strong force it used to be. Since Dreamworks and Pixar burst onto the scene with their own stories, Disney has been pushed out of the spotlight. Now, with so many people watching for the next big movie, ‘Frozen‘ may not be enough to overpower the competition.

Awards Speculation:  It is highly possible for this film to sweep the competition in sound design and music, as several Disney movies excel in, but the story lines for their stories have been falling behind in the times because of their simplicity, audiences have grown accustomed to the up-beat pacing of stories these days, and Disney lacks that element. However, always moving with the times and a major player in the entertainment field, Disney still can pick up it’s broken pieces and strengthen itself.

Oscar Potential:
Best Animated Feature
Best Sound Design
Best Original Soundtrack

Thoughts:  I want to believe that Disney can jump out of whatever pit it has fallen into but in order to do that, it needs to re-invent itself and get stronger. I hope it does!