Bill Cosby Sentenced to Three to Ten Years in Prison for Rape

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There was once a time when Bill Cosby was a legend of the screen. The comedian was a household name and seemed like an icon for the ages. The truth later revealed dozens of women had been victims of rape and sexual assault at the hands of Cosby. More than 60 women were victimized by the man. The world of entertainment was shaken to its core. In many ways, his fall from grace signaled the beginning of women who were tired of being assaulted by powerful men. In the last eighteen months, we’ve seen dozens of more men held accountable for their behavior, and sadly many more see no punishment.

That made the case against Cosby an interesting one to watch. Many of Cosby’s cases had fallen outside the statute of limitations, yet a few did not. This made the charges brought forward by Andrea Constand important for the dozens who could not hold Cosby accountable. A jury found him guilty of three counts of sexual assault in April. Today, his sentence came in woefully short of where many had hoped.

According to Deadline, Cosby will carry the title of “violent sexual predator” for the rest of his days. However, Judge Steven O’Neill of Pennsylvania applied the low-end sentence of 36 months with a “high end” for his crimes at 10 years. The maximum sentence that Cosby could have carried, the one the prosecuting attorneys sought, was 10 years per guilty a 30-year maximum. This feels bittersweet to many women. Some may be happy that he will go to jail, but are once again shown that many judges under sentence powerful men. Despite the guilty plea and court proceedings, it feels like justice came up short again.

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Written by Alan French

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