Box Office: ‘Hidden Figures’ Locked in Tight Race With ‘Rogue One’

Hidden Figures
Mary Jackson (Janelle Monae, left), Katherine Johnson (Taraji P. Henson) and Dorothy Vaughn (Octavia Spencer) celebrate their stunning achievements in one of the greatest operations in history. Photo Credit: Hopper Stone.

(JANUARY 6 – JANUARY 8, 2017 estimates)

  1. “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” (Week 4) – $21,972,000
  2. “Hidden Figures” (Week 3) – $21,800,000
  3. “Sing” (Week 3) – $19,573,670
  4. “Underworld: Blood Wars” (Opening) – $13,100,000
  5. “La La Land” (Week 5) – $10,000,000
  6. “Passengers” (Week 3) – $8,800,000
  7. “Why Him?” (Week 3) – $6,500,000
  8. “Moana” (Week 7) – $6,413,000
  9. “Fences” (Week 4) – $4,700,000
  10. “Assassin’s Creed” (Week 3) – $3,800,000


  • Might there be a chink in the armor for “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story?” The film spent its fourth consecutive weekend atop the box office, but could be contested by “Hidden Figures.” Some sources are claiming actuals put “Rogue One” behind “Hidden Figures.” The film dropped roughly 55 percent, another steep drop for the blockbuster. However, does one really need longevity when the film has already amassed $477 million at the box office? The overseas total for the film has risen to a staggering $914 million. It is only a matter of time before the film becomes the 28th to cross the billion dollar mark worldwide. This is a feat that has only been accomplished by “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” in terms of films in the series.
  • The most successful expansion of the week belonged to the rousing historical drama “Hidden Figures.” Chronicling the journey of three African American women mathematicians at NASA in the ‘60s, the film went from 25 theaters to 2,471 theaters. The film nearly flew past “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” to claim the top spot for the weekend. In fact, further reports suggest the tight race might end with “Hidden Figures” in the lead. With the film set to be a major Oscar player, it will be interesting to see how the film hangs on over the coming months. To date, the film has made $24.7 million, nearly recouping the film’s $25 million production budget. This is a great win for Fox.
  • With winter break over for most kids, “Sing” noticed a substantial drop in its third weekend. The film fell 54 percent and dropped to No. 3 at the box office. However, it is still good news for the Universal animated film. Its domestic total gross stands at an incredibly strong $213 million. When factoring in foreign grosses, the worldwide total grows to $356 million. This puts “Sing” a day away from passing Universal’s other surprise hit, 2012’s “Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax.”
  • The lone new release this week was the latest chapter in the “Underworld” franchise. The fifth film in the franchise, “Underworld: Blood Wars,” failed to reach the modest heights of the previous entry. Its $13 million opening weekend was the lowest yet, as all other films at least saw a $20 million opening weekend. There’s little to suggest the film will have much in the terms of legs at the box office. It should wind up with a little more than $25 million domestically. The film still does have a chance to make back its $35 million budget. The films have caught on overseas, and this entry has already found success in foreign markets. Its current worldwide total stands at a solid $55 million already.
  • Winning seven Golden Globes wasn’t the only thing “La La Land” has to be excited about this weekend. The film expanded into 1,515 theaters and took home $10 million in return. That was up 5 percent from last weekend. That raises the film’s total to $50 million domestically and $85 million worldwide. That’s a fantastic sum for an original movie musical that was made for only $30 million. One should expect this total to rise after the record-setting Golden Globes wins and once Oscar nominations are announced.
  • After an underwhelming opening, the star-studded “Passengers” continues to trek towards $100 million. The $110 million budgeted project climbed to $80 million domestically this week. This follows a 45 percent drop from last week. Foreign grosses have helped save the film. Once added in, the worldwide total comes to $185 million. While this may help bring the film to the green, it is a more disappointing total than Sony was anticipating.
  • The smallest week-over-week drop in the top 10 shockingly went to the poorly reviewed comedy “Why Him?” The film dropped a mere 35 percent from last week, which is particularly strong seeing as the past two weekends were holiday weekends, which typically inflates grosses. This brings the domestic total of the film to $48 million. Considering the film cost only $38 million to make, this is a solid win for Fox.
  • After seven weeks in theaters, “Moana” is still hanging on in the top 10. The Disney animated film dropped 41 percent from last week. This brings the domestic total gross to $225 million and worldwide total gross to $450 million. Despite not reaching the billion dollar gross of “Frozen,” this is still a successful total for Disney.
  • After a strong showing last weekend, “Fences” retreated 53 percent this past week. The well reviewed play adaptation still has already proven its success. Its domestic total stands at $40 million, and should only go up following Viola Davis’ win at the Golden Globes last night. This is an exceedingly good total for a play adaptation. “Doubt,” for example, only managed to gross $33 million in its theatrical run.
  • Rounding out the top 10 is the video game bomb “Assassin’s Creed.” The poorly reviewed movie clung on for one more week after dropping 56 percent, the highest week-over-week drop in the top 10. The $125 million budgeted film has only grossed $49 million domestically. Foreign numbers helped push the film to $147 million worldwide.


  • Also expanding wide this weekend was “A Monster Calls.” Unfortunately, few moviegoers answered. The film was No. 13 at the box office, only mustering $2 million from 1,523 theaters. That led to a pitiful per-theater average of $1,326. The film was moved from its original October release date, presumably to be closer to the Oscar race. However, the film has both not figured into the awards race and doesn’t seem to be reaching audiences.
  • Martin Scorsese’s latest film, “Silence,” expanded to 51 theaters this weekend. The drama about Jesuit missionaries in Japan had a solid, yet unspectacular, weekend. It grossed $480,000 for a per-theater average of $9,412. While there is interest from the arthouse crowd, it doesn’t seem as if the film will really translate to a broader audience. It will need awards attention to make it a hit.

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