Box Office: ‘LEGO Batman’ Obliterates Matt Damon’s ‘Great Wall’


(FEBRUARY 17 – FEBRUARY 19, 2017 estimates)

  1. The LEGO Batman Movie(Week 2) – $34,225,000
  2. “Fifty Shades Darker” (Week 2) – $20,966,845
  3. The Great Wall (Opening) – $18,079,140
  4. “John Wick: Chapter Two” (Week 2) – $16,500,000
  5. “Fist Fight” (Opening) – $12,015,000
  6. Hidden Figures(Week 9) – $7,100,000
  7. “Split” (Week 5) – $7,038,400
  8. “A Dog’s Purpose” (Week 4) – $5,560,855
  9. La La Land(Week 11) – $4,500,000
  10. “A Cure for Wellness” (Opening) – $4,200,000


  • the lego batman movieLEGO Batman was not going to relinquish the top spot to Matt Damon or his “Great Wall.” “The LEGO Batman Movie managed an impressive 35 percent drop from its strong opening weekend. While this is not as strong as the minuscule 27 percent drop of “The LEGO Movie” in its second weekend, it is still very impressive. To date, the $85 million film has amassed $98 million domestically. Adding in foreign grosses, that pushes the total to $170 million worldwide. While this may be a bit behind “The LEGO Movie,” it is performing at the level of fellow Batman franchise starter, “Batman Begins.” With very little family competition over the next couple of weeks, expect the Caped Crusader to continue to soar.
  • Despite what you see on screen, “Fifty Shades Darker” did not have great legs at the box office. The poorly reviewed sequel dropped 55 percent from its opening weekend. This was the highest drop of any film in the top 10. While all those headlines look bad for the film, there is one strong silver lining. This was a much better drop than the first entry, “Fifty Shades of Grey” experienced. That film tumbled a whopping 73 percent in its second weekend. While it made quite a bit more opening weekend, the two films have starkly similar second weekend grosses. Still, while “Fifty Shades Darker” has made $89 million domestically to date, “Fifty Shades of Grey” had collected $129 million at the same point in its run. With a budget of $55 million, however, “Fifty Shades Darker” is hardly a flop. Once foreign grosses are added, the film’s box office total grows to a robust $276 million. There is still plenty of spice left in this series.
  • Matt Damon was unable to draw crowds to “The Great Wall.” The action/adventure film floundered stateside with an opening gross of $18 million. Compared to the production budget of $150 million, there is cause for concern. Luckily, the film will be helped out a great deal from strong overseas grosses, particularly in China. Worldwide, the film has grossed a whopping $262 million. Much like we learned with “Warcraft” last year, blockbusters no longer need U.S. grosses to turn a hefty profit. Still, one has to note this is Matt Damon’s weakest wide opening since 2011’s “We Bought a Zoo.”
  • The surprise sequel hit “John Wick: Chapter Two” managed a solid, if unspectacular, hold. The film dropped 45 percent from its remarkable opening weekend last week. This brings the film’s domestic total to $58 million, which is already far above the $43 million total for the first “John Wick” film. The sequel’s worldwide total of $90 million has also eclipsed the $88 million worldwide total of the first film. Interest seems to have multiplied since the first film hit theaters in 2014. In fact, the first film had an almost identical week-over-week drop. If the sequel continues to perform as well as the original film, it is looking at a domestic gross close to $90 million.
  • Warner Brothers was unable to inspire much excitement for Ice Cube and Charlie Day’s “Fist Fight.” The R-rated comedy squeaked away with a $12 million opening weekend, nearly half of its $25 million budget. While breaking even seems within reason, bad reviews may sink the film come next week. Expect the film to quietly disappear from theaters as it inches towards a gross below $30 million.
  • Our highest grossing Best Picture nominee “Hidden Figures” continued to dominate in its ninth weekend in theaters. The film eased a tiny 11 percent as it inched itself closer to the $150 million domestic mark. To date, the film has made $142 million domestically and $163 million worldwide. By the airing of the Oscar telecast, the film should have shattered the $150 million domestic mark.
  • M. Night Shyamalan’s latest, “Split continued to shine in its fifth week in theaters. The thriller dropped a scant 26 percent from last week. This brought the film’s domestic total to $123 million and its worldwide gross to a whopping $193 million. Not bad for a film that only cost $9 million to make. At this point, the film is most likely about a week or two away from besting “The Last Airbender” to be Shyamalan’s third highest grossing film.
  • The family film “A Dog’s Purpose” seems to have recovered nicely from initial controversy. The film dropped a mere 23 percent in its fourth weekend in theaters, signaling the animal film has found legs with its target audience. So far, the film’s total rose to $50 million domestically and $64 million worldwide. That is strong enough for a film that only cost $22 million to produce.
  • In the weekend prior to the Oscar telecast, Best Picture frontrunner “La La Land” stood firm at the box office. The film eased an almost nonexistent 9 percent in its 11th weekend in theaters. This represents the strongest hold of the top 10 this week. The musical’s domestic box office soared to $133 million. Worldwide, the film shattered the $300 million mark and rocketed to $339 million. With the film set to win multiple Oscars next Sunday, the film should only continue to grow over the coming weeks.
  • There seems to be no cure for bad box office performance. “A Cure for Wellness completely tanked at the box office, grossing just $4 million from 2,704 theaters. The per-theater average for the film stands at a pitiful $1,553. Overseas, the film saw just as little love. Once foreign grosses were added in, the film opened to a dismal $8 million worldwide. The $40 million film barely has a prayer to gross above $10 million domestically.


  • Many of the Best Picture nominees saw boosts the week before the Oscar telecast. “Lion” and “Fences” both jumped 4 percent after adding 200 and 100 theaters, respectively. The boost brought “Lion” to $36 million domestically and $75 million worldwide. “Fences” saw its domestic total grow to $55 million. Adding 100 theaters helped “Moonlight” jump 18 percent this weekend and bring its domestic total to $21 million. While “Arrival” saw a 32 percent drop, due to the film being available to rent, the film has grossed $99.9 million and should inch across the $100 million domestic line by the time winners are announced at the Dolby.
  • The romantic comedy “Everybody Loves Somebody” had a decent opening outside of the top 10. The film grossed $1 million from 333 theaters for a per-theater average of $3,001. The closest comparison would be this year’s “Un Padre No Tan Padre,” which opened with $979,000 and currently stands at $2 million.

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