Box Office: ‘LEGO Batman’ Pummels ’50 Shades Darker’


(FEBRUARY 10 – FEBRUARY 12, 2017 estimates)

  1. “The LEGO Batman Movie” (Opening) – $55,645,000
  2. “Fifty Shades Darker” (Opening) – $46,797,825
  3. “John Wick: Chapter Two” (Opening) – $30,015,000
  4. “Split” (Week 4) – $9,321,110
  5. “Hidden Figures” (Week 8) – $8,000,000
  6. “A Dog’s Purpose” (Week 3) – $7,365,335
  7. “Rings” (Week 2) – $5,820,000
  8. “La La Land” (Week 10) – $5,000,000
  9. “Lion” (Week 12) – $4,083,000
  10. “The Space Between Us” (Week 2) – $1,760,000


  • He’s not just the hero of Gotham, Lego Batman won the box office in a competitive week with three new sequels. “The LEGO Batman Movie” opened with $55 million. This was down 19% from the 2014 “The LEGO Movie” opening. That film went on to gross $257 million domestic and $469 million worldwide. While Lego Batman has strong reviews, it will be tough to see it having the same staying power as the original “Lego Movie.” Worldwide, the film opened to $92 million. At this rate, the film should be able to cross $175 million domestic and $300 million worldwide, unless it shows greater holds than expected. Either way, the film will be a strong moneymaker for Warner Bros., which only shelled out $80 million in production costs.
  • There doesn’t seem to be the same spark for the 50 Shades series. “Fifty Shades Darker” opened to a mere $46 million, which is a jaw dropping 45% down from 2015’s “Fifty Shades of Grey.” The first film was heavily front loaded due to poor reviews and a rabid fanbase that went opening weekend, but did not make return trips. The bad buzz from the first entry surely contributed to the decline for the second film. Still, the film is firmly a hit for Universal. It’s production budget remained a relatively modest $55 million. On top of that, the film has already made $100 million in foreign receipts. This led to a worldwide opening of $146 million, which is a strong total for the film.
  • While the two other sequels saw dips from their original predecessors, “John Wick: Chapter Two” got quite a boost. The film opened to $30 million, which was 108% up from the original John Wick chapter. Strong word of mouth from the original coupled with good reviews led to this large boost. The film had a worldwide opening of $40 million this week, which matches the $40 million production budget. If the film continues to perform as well as the original, the film could get close to $90 million in domestic receipts alone.
  • After three weeks at the top of the box office, “Split” dropped 35% in its fourth weekend. The film slid down to four at the box office at the arrival of three sequels. To date, the film has made $112 million domestic and $169 million worldwide. It’s only a couple days away from surpassing “The Village” and has a good shot at topping “The Last Airbender” at $131 million by the end of its run. This film’s success is even more impressive considering the $9 million production budget it held.
  • The crowd pleasing Oscar hopeful “Hidden Figures” had yet another strong weekend leading up to the big ceremony. The film dropped a scant 21% in its eighth weekend in theaters. This brings the film’s domestic total to a remarkable $131 million. It only continues to extend its lead from “La La Land” as the highest grossing domestic Oscar Best Picture nominee. With two weekends until the ceremony, the film should continue to clean up and possibly cross the $150 million mark domestically.
  • The family friendly drama “A Dog’s Purpose” found its legs in its third weekend of release. Its week over week drop was a minuscule 29.9%, much better than the 40% drop it experienced last weekend. Perhaps not going up against the Super Bowl helped the film retain some business. The $22 million film has nearly doubled its budget with a domestic gross of $42 million. With foreign receipts added, the film’s total grows to $56 million. It seems the film has been able to pivot from initial controversy to make a solid profit.
  • There was no second life for “Rings,” the third entry in the horror franchise. After an underwhelming opening weekend, the film plummeted 55%. This was the largest drop in the top 10 this weekend. Its domestic gross of $21 million has not been able to match the $25 million production budget. Thankfully, foreign grosses have helped the film tremendously, bringing the film’s worldwide total box office to $51 million.
  • Best Picture frontrunner “La La Land” continued to rack up business in preparation for the big ceremony. The film dropped 32% in its tenth weekend in theaters. Its domestic total box office stands at $126 million. It is a day away from passing “Into the Woods” and “Enchanted” to be the fifth biggest live action musical of all time. There is the possibility of a post-Best Picture win bump that could help propel the film to the $150 million. This would make it the third highest grossing domestic musical of all time. The film is no slouch overseas either. To date, the film’s worldwide gross stands at $294 million and is only days away from $300 million worldwide. No matter how many Oscars the film wins at the end the month, “La La Land” has had quite an impressive run.
  • The only film to see a jump in performance this weekend was Best Picture nominee “Lion.” This is significant as the film did not add any new theaters from last week. In jumping 8% week over week, the film raised its domestic total to $30 million. After winning 2 BAFTA awards for Best Supporting Actor and Adapted Screenplay, it is safe to assume many more people will try and catch up on this film before the Oscar ceremony. Overseas, the film has also done well. Worldwide, the film’s box office stands at $58 million.
  • No news was bad news for the poorly reviewed sci-fi romance “The Space Between Us.” Dropping 53% in its second weekend, the film barely clung to the top 10. The $30 million budgeted film as only made $6 million so far domestically.


  • The Oscar Nominated Short Film of 2017 premiered in theaters three weekends before the ceremony.  Opening in 184 theaters, the shorts amassed a weekend total of $660K for a per theater average of $3,587. This was below last years’ shorts ($4,549 per theater average) but on par with the shorts of 2015 ($3,533 per theater average).
  • Fox Searchlight opened “A United Kingdom” in four theaters amidst a slew of Oscar films. The interracial marriage drama made a solid $70K, good enough for a per theater average of $17,500. It will be interesting to see if the drama can break out in future theaters over the coming weeks.

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