(MARCH 3 – MARCH 5, 2017 estimates)

  1. “Logan” (Opening) – $85,300,000
  2. “Get Out” (Week 2) – $26,110,695
  3. “The Shack” (Opening) – $16,100,000
  4. “The LEGO Batman Movie” (Week 4) – $11,650,000
  5. “Before I Fall” (Opening) – $4,948,538
  6. “John Wick: Chapter Two” (Week 4) – $4,725,000
  7. “Hidden Figures” (Week 11) – $3,825,000
  8. “The Great Wall” (Week 3) – $3,507,120
  9. “Fifty Shades Darker” (Week 4) – $3,484,770
  10. “La La Land” (Week 13) – $2,975,000


  • Despite being the first entry into the “Wolverine” series to bear an R-rating, “Logan” did not show signs of fatigue. The film opened to $85 million domestically, which was in line with “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” from 2009. When worldwide grosses were added in, the film’s opening weekend grows to $237 million. What sets “Logan” apart from the rest of the “X-Men” films is that it boasts the highest Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic scores of the entire franchise. Fox obviously had confidence in this new R-rated chapter. “Logan” opened in 4,071 theaters, the highest theater count for an R-rated film by a large margin. The previous high was “Spy,” which opened at 3,711 theaters, but only made $29 million. “Logan” did much better, managing a per theater average of $20,953. If the film holds as well or better than its predecessors, its looking at a domestic total of over $200 million and a worldwide total above $600 million.
  • Jordan Peele’s headline grabbing thriller “Get Out” continues to generate conversation. Last week’s surprise number one film dropped a minuscule 21% from its opening weekend. This was the smallest drop of the top 10. What’s more impressive is that it was able to hold on to its audience against “Logan.” This puts the $4.5 million film at a staggering $75 million gross. At this rate, the film should be able to pass the “Paranormal Activity” films to rise to the top of Blumhouse Productions. However, the current $134 million gross of “Split” might be a hard bar to clear. Still, if the buzzy film continues this trajectory, the sky is the limit in terms of box office.
  • The faith based film “The Shack” battled terrible reviews to still have a decent opening weekend. At $16 million, this was the seventh largest opening for a Christian film, ahead of last year’s surprise hit “Miracles from Heaven.” That film showed great legs and managed to gross over $60 million. While “The Shack” has been saddled with some bad reviews, the Christian community may continue to rally for the film and push it to over $40-$50 million. Either way, the film only cost $20 million to make. This opening sets the film up for success.
  • “The LEGO Batman Movie” continued its strong performance. The film dropped an estimated 40% in its fourth weekend in theaters. This raises the film’s domestic total gross to $148 million and $256 million worldwide. While the film trails the live action Batman films in total gross, its fourth week performance is stronger than both “Batman v. Superman” and “Batman Begins.” The film has the possibility of surpassing $175 million domestic as it continues its quest to pass $300 million worldwide.
  • This isn’t a day “Before I Fall” would want to relive. The teen drama was only able to amass $4.9 million over its opening weekend. Opening in 2,346 theaters, the film was only able to achieve a per theater average of $2,109. Based on a young adult novel of the same name, Open Road managed to make the film for a relatively low $5 million budget. Thus, even with this disappointing opening weekend, it should be able to make a mild profit.
  • The sequel “John Wick: Chapter 2” continues its stellar box office run. The film lost almost half of its business in its fourth weekend. This grew its domestic box office total to $82 million and worldwide box office to $144 million. This is already just below double the box office for the original “John Wick.” While $100 million domestically might be just out of reach, the film should get close to $90 million. Against a $40 million box office, the film is already a big success story.
  • Despite losing all three of its Oscar nominations last Sunday, “Hidden Figures” still managed to perform at the box office. The film lost 34% of its business in its eleventh week in theaters. Of all the Best Picture Oscar nominees, this was the highest grossing of the weekend. This brings the film’s domestic box office total to $158 million and worldwide total to $194 million. The film should be able to cross the $200 million mark worldwide before its close. This is a fantastic ending to the inspirational true story.
  • The bad news continues to pour in for Matt Damon’s “The Great Wall.” The film lost an alarming 61% of its business. This pushed the film’s domestic total to a thoroughly underwhelming $41 million. However, overseas audiences seem to have responded to the film, particularly in China. The worldwide total of the film stands at $320 million. That’s the silver lining for the $150 million budgeted film.
  • The sequel “Fifty Shades Darker” continued to evaporate from theaters. After dropping 55% in its fourth weekend, the film continued to hang in the top 10. To date, the film has grossed $109 million domestically and $356 million worldwide. While this is below the $166 million domestic and $571 million worldwide total for the first film, the sequel only cost $50 million to make. At the end of the day, this franchise is still quite profitable for Universal.
  • “La La Land” is still a winner at the box office, even if it didn’t walk away with the Best Picture prize. The six time Oscar winning film dropped 36% in its thirteenth week in theaters. This brings the film’s domestic total to $145 million and worldwide total to $396 million. The film shouldn’t have a problem reaching $150 million domestic and $400 million worldwide. This would put the film above “Les Miserables” domestically to be the third highest grossing musical of all time, below “Grease” and “Chicago.” That is a fantastic consolation prize for the film that lost Best Picture in a shocking upset.


  • After a shocking Best Picture win, “Moonlight” reopened to 1,564 theaters.  That is the widest release the film has gotten over 20th weeks of release. The film jumped 260% to gross $2.5 million this past weekend, following its win. This also was the highest grossing weekend the film has received. This all comes during the week the film was released on DVD, Blu-Ray and streaming. While this is the second lowest grossing modern Best Picture winner, the $1.5 million budgeted film has found a robust audience that should only continue to grow. The film has grossed $25 million to date domestically and $33 million worldwide.
  • “Table 19” got forgotten at the box office, as well as the titular wedding. The film opened wide in 868 theaters, but was only able to muster $1.5 million on opening weekend. This resulted in a low per theater average $1,815. There doesn’t bode well for the film’s profitability, even with a production budget of only $5 million.

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