Box Office Report: “Batman v Superman” plummets on second weekend but remains unchallenged for #1


(APRIL 1 – APRIL 3, 2016 estimates)
Last Weekend

  1. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Week 2) – $52,385,000
  2. Zootopia (Week 5) – $20,000,000
  3. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (Week 2) – $11,130,000
  4. God’s Not Dead 2 (Opening) – $8,104,321
  5. Miracles From Heaven (Week 3) – $7,550,000
  6. Allegiant (Week 3) – $5,725,000
  7. 10 Cloverfield Lane (Week 4) – $4,750,000
  8. Meet the Blacks (Opening) – $4,086,000
  9. Eye in the Sky (Week 4) – $4,055,000
  10. Deadpool (Week 8) – $3,500,000


  • As word of mouth trickles into wallets, Batman v Superman‘s 81% drop Friday to Friday should be telling of what audiences think to the much anticipated mashup. However, these films are typically front-loaded anyway – for instance, the final Harry Potter has the biggest drop of all-time with 72% the next weekend, but the remains one of the most successful films of all-time. Batman v Superman is the fifth biggest drop of a film grossing over $100M on its opening weekend, dropping 68.4%. For comparison, Deadpool made $5M more on its second weekend. It’s grossed $261M so far, just a clip over its $250M budget, and $682M worldwide. Even so, it’s already outpaced the comic book movies of the 2000s as well as Man of Steel‘s $668M. It should end up just short of $400M domestically, which will still put it in the top 30 of all-time, but we all know they were aiming for the top 10.
  • Instead, people flocked to catchup with the critically acclaimed Zootopia dropping just 16.7% on its 5th weekend. It still only just has BvS beat with $275M so far – goes to show just how successful comic book movies are in this day and age when even the big ones are ‘unsuccessful’ – with $787M worldwide. Go go billion dollar club.
  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2‘s drop is a victory lap compared to BvS. It drops 37.7% taking its total to $36M. Worldwide it adds another $18M to the pile bringing it to near $55M. It’s hard to imagine its budget was half of that.
  • Meanwhile, God’s Not Dead 2: It’s Payback Time fell short of grossing the same as the first one despite opening in over twice as many theaters resulting in a big disappointment.
  • Miracles From Heaven holds stronger with only a 22.1% drop. It’s made $46M on a $13M budget.
  • Big trouble for YA films as Allegiant struggles to have the shortest of legs, dropping 39.3% on its third week – especially awful considering the other films with fairer drops – and only making $56M so far. Scrap the finale? Start fresh? Get Shailene Woodley outta there either way.
  • 10 Cloverfield Lane however, drops 20% and is up to $63M so far. Might be able to reach $70M by the time it’s out of the game.
  • Eye In The Sky hops into the top 10 after expanding wide and attracts a fair amount of attention. With a theater average of $3.9k, it’s the strongest of the top 10 outside of the big 2. It’s made $6M so far.
  • Deadpool cheekily clings onto the top 10 for the 6th week in a row, dropping 28.5%. It has indeed surpassed American Sniper in the R-rated race with $355M domestically, putting it close to the top 30 of all-time, and it’s now up to $754M worldwide. It’s safe to say that whoever helped this happen is getting a promotion.


  • In other news, Hello My Name Is Doris goes a little wider, racking up an impressive $2.4M this weekend for a film of its scale considering it got in the top 10 for much less last week. It’s made $6.6M so far.
  • I Saw The Light goes wide-ish with over 700 theaters but fails to drum up enthusiasm from Tom Hiddleston’s star power. It’s still a little better than expected with a theater average of nearly exactly $1k and it’s made $800k so far. Swing and a miss I guess.
  • Pre-ordered your copy of Star Wars: The Force Awakens yet? It’s the last weekend while it’s still in theaters and it’s still making nearly 3 quarters of $1M. It’s up to near $935M. Maybe it’ll stay in theaters longer than we expect and crawl towards $940M.
  • Midnight Special does well in its third week of limited release with a theater average of $10k. It’s chump change away from $1M.
  • Richard Linklater’s long awaited followup to both Dazed and Confused and Boyhood, Everybody Wants Some!!, opens to 17 theaters and pleasantly surprising rave reviews. It didn’t look like it would be an Oscar player but it’s clear that Linklater’s continuing his peak output, ironically with all three of his last films relying on the past. With a theater average of $17k it made a tidy $371k.
  • Miles Ahead wins the theater average battle however with $30k between 4 theaters resulting in a $122k weekend. Mixed reviews nixed Don Cheadle’s Oscar hopes, but at least it’s doing better than the more baity I Saw The Light. After drumming up a bit of attention at New York, both will be forgotten by this years festival.
  • Knight of Cups did end making just over $500k by the way, pretty much the same as To The Wonder.
  • Daddy’s Home creaks over $150M for a photo finish.
  • Triple 9 has levelled off at a disappointing $12M.
  • The controversial anti-vax documentary that tried and failed to play at Tribeca Film Festival Vaxxed was released into 1 theater and made $22k. Most likely preaching to the choir. Please don’t give them the satisfaction of your attention though. Forget I said anything.


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