Box Office Report: “Batman v Superman” rises above critical blows as it demolishes March records

batman v superman dawn of justice ben affleck

batman v superman dawn of justice ben affleck

(MARCH 25 – MARCH 27, 2016 estimates)
Last Weekend

  1. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Opening) – $170,100,000
  2. Zootopia (Week 4) – $23,138,000
  3. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (Opening) – $18,120,000
  4. Miracles From Heaven (Week 2) – $9,500,00
  5. Allegiant (Week 2) – $9,500,000
  6. 10 Cloverfield Lane (Week 3) – $6,000,000
  7. Deadpool (Week 7) – $5,000,000
  8. London Has Fallen (Week 4) – $2,926,000
  9. Hello, My Name is Doris (Week 3) – $1,700,925
  10. Eye in the Sky (Week 3) – $1,001,204


  • The long-awaited Justice League kickstarter Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has a lot of weight on its shoulders. In fact, the money spent on the film and its promotion will mean it’s a flop even if it matches Jurassic World, but it’s here to set the platform for future films and, of course, sell some merch. It had a critical mauling, as Zack Snyder often faces, but audiences were not fazed and at least went out to see their two favorite non-Avengers duel it out. It’s the largest March opening of all-time, beating out The Hunger Games by nearly $20M, the 6th largest domestic opening and the 4th largest worldwide opening with a total of $424M. Warm up the billion dollar club, it’s racing Zootopia to be the first 2016 in the list.
  • And actually, Zootopia holds its own. Its bunny protagonist helps on Easter weekend. Dropping 37.7%, it’s up to $240M making it the highest grossing Disney film behind The Lion King and Frozen. That list is strictly not adjusted for inflation since Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and One Hundred and One Dalmatians are between $950M and $850M. Makes you wonder how many people went to the theaters back in those days. Zootopia has made $696M worldwide.
  • Suffice to say, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 will never be #1 like its predecessor, which holds the record for being the highest grossing film to never hit #1 with $240M. Pretty life-setting when it was made on a $5M budget. The industry worked a little different back then as it peaked on its 20th week where it was only stopped by Signs for #1. These days films are on DVD by that 20th week. Nevertheless, this was probably the best weekend for the film to open to fill an audience gap of people definitely not going for BvS. I mean, Sisters went up against Star Wars and came away with $13M and went onto make $87M. Wedding 2 should level off around $75M given the poor reviews.
  • No other film went up to bat with BvS in wide so it’s the past few weeks sloppy seconds from here on out. The actual numbers will have to come in tomorrow to decide whether Miracles From Heaven beat Allegiant or not since they’re pegged around the same figure. However way it turns out, Heaven wins the duel since it dropped just 35.9%, the least of the top 10. It’s made $34M so far, on its way to tripling its $13M budget.
  • Allegiant, however, drops 67.3%, making just $46M and $118M worldwide so far. The last film Insurgent was already up to $85M on its second weekend. Cue all the articles about the death of YA franchises. This gives the argument some merit, but it’s pending an unexpected revival.
  • 10 Cloverfield Lane drops 52% and has made $56M so far and $68M worldwide. It has some ground to cover before it’s done but it’s lost its element of surprise.
  • Deadpool continues to surprise though, on the weekend audiences have the choice to see a different dark superhero film, the funny one drops just 37.6% on its seventh weekend. It’s made $349M, just a couple bucks from beating American Sniper for that #2 spot in the highest grossing R-rated films, but it has made $745M worldwide now, squeezing past The Matrix Reloaded‘s $742M to be the highest grossing R-rated film worldwide.
  • London Has Fallen drops 57.3% and has made $55M so far, nearly kissing its $60M budget. We probably won’t get a Paris Has Fallen unless they slash the budget even more. Beijing Has Fallen is possible given the Chinese market though. Probably a better idea than London too. Take notes, execs.
  • Two indies-that-could take the last slots with Hello, My Name Is Doris claiming a top 10 spot in less than 500 theaters. It’s made $3.4M so far.
  • However, Eye in the Sky gets in there in less than 150 theaters with an impressive theater average of $8k. It’s only up to $1.7M though.


  • In other news, weekly coverage of The Force Awakens continues until it leaves theaters. It crosses $933M and hits $2.061B worldwide. Probably has enough juice in it to get to $936M.
  • The Revenant is worth updating too as it exits theaters after a month of Oscar afterglow. It’s made $182M and $506M worldwide. Now picture Inarritu spending that money on a relaxing pool to chill next to his 4 Oscars.
  • Two music biopics hit limited screens this weekend though both had a tepid critical response. Tepid is probably a kind way to put the reaction to I Saw The Light though. It made $50k between 5 theaters.
  • It may be lower down the list but Born To Be Blue makes a bigger dent with its theater average of $15k with $47k between 3 theaters.


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Written by Jack Moulton

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