Box Office Report: “Deadpool” outpaces new releases and becomes third highest grossing R-rated movie



(FEBRUARY 26 – FEBRUARY 28, 2016 actuals)
Last Weekend

  1. Deadpool (Week 3) – $31,115,195
  2. Gods of Egypt (Opening) – $14,123,903
  3. Kung Fu Panda 3 (Week 5) – $8,898,439
  4. Risen (Week 2) – $6,815,021
  5. Triple 9 (Opening) – $6,109,085
  6. Eddie the Eagle (Opening) – $6,084,682
  7. The Witch (Week 2) – $5,066,908
  8. How To Be Single (Week 3) – $5,008,362
  9. Race (Week 2) – $4,103,290
  10. The Revenant (Week 10) – $3,953,291


  • Deadpool drops just 44.9% and rises its domestic total to $285M which puts it as the third highest grossing R-rated movie of all-time behind American Sniper and The Passion of the Christ. Has to cross $350M to make it to #2 though but it might even cross Iron Man‘s $318M at the very least. That would be a feat.
  • With a $140M budget, Gods of Egypt barely scraped a tenth of that bizarrely high price tag. Are there anymore of these doomed biblical movies with ballooned budgets in production? Cancel ’em, feed the hungry instead, since these films aren’t feeding imaginations.
  • Despite underwhelming in general, Kung Fu Panda 3 has had a decent hold while kids patiently wait for Zootopia. It dropped just 28.7% and has made $128M so far and $313M worldwide.
  • Risen drops 42.3% and crosses over its $20M budget with $22M so far. It should be able to get close to $35M by the end of its run which is a modest success.
  • Two new releases fighting for the top 5 and John Hillcoat’s Triple 9 won out. Good weekend for Open Road with the Oscars but not great here, where Triple 9 opened a couple touches below the theater average of Hillcoat’s last film Lawless.
  • Eddie the Eagle opened as expected and it’s a valid question to wonder why it didn’t reap the benefits of the 2016 Olympics. This is Hugh Jackman’s weakest opening since 2008’s Deception.
  • The Witch dropped just a hair more than Risen with 42.4%, but it let two new releases sneak in between them. It’s made $16M which is enough to take home with. More than 2014’s most successful Sundance movie Whiplash which made $13M.
  • How To Be Single drops 38.9% and, coincidentally, just broke its $38M budget by crossing over to $39M. Fortunately, it’s made $74M worldwide.
  • Race, similar deal to the missed opportunity of a scheduling choice for Eddie the Eagle, drops 44.2% and has made just $13M so far.
  • Clinging onto the top 10 we still have The Revenant, which thanks to the buzz for Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio, actually went up 2.2%. It’s made $170M so far and crossed $400M worldwide. Had it won Best Picture, it would have ended up being the 6th highest grossing (unadjusted) winner of all-time. Maybe even 5th if it has another $15M in it.


  • I didn’t think Star Wars would be pushed out of the top 10 but here we are. Better keep reporting on it anyway. It’s up to $925M and $2.047B worldwide. Oh, and as predicted, it’s a damn near exact 45/55 split between domestic and foreign. Told ya.
  • Best Picture winner Spotlight benefited this weekend and will surely have a great week. Adding 284 theaters helped bump it to a total gross of $39M, though that’s still the second to last lowest grossing Best Picture winner. It’s $3M off Birdman‘s total, but this win should help it just touch that mark before they pull it from theaters.
  • Best Adapted Screenplay winner The Big Short also benefited from the buzz especially as it was a potential spoiler for Best Picture. Adding 111 theaters it was boosted by 13% and raises its total to $68M.
  • Room benefited from the Oscar hype as much as Spotlight, adding 178 theaters. It’s grossed $13M so far. Brie Larson thanked the audiences so those who saw it this weekend can take that gratitude very personally.


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Written by Jack Moulton

Jack is a recent graduate of the University of Hertfordshire, UK, with a degree in Film and Television Production. Resident film encyclopaedia, he naturally slipped into film journalism, though has interest in writing and making them himself one day. See his tumblr blog to the side for more film reviews and lists.


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