Box Office Report: “Force Awakens” officially USA’s biggest film ever but “Revenant” Fights for the Weekend


(JANUARY 8 – JANUARY 10, 2016 estimates)
Last Weekend

  1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Week 4) – $41,630,000
  2. The Revenant (Week 3) – $38,000,000
  3. Daddy’s Home (Week 3) – $15,000,000
  4. The Forest (Opening) – $13,088,000
  5. Sisters (Week 4) – $7,170,000
  6. The Hateful Eight (Week 3) – $6,351,000
  7. The Big Short (Week 5) – $6,300,000
  8. Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip (Week 4) – $5,500,00
  9. Joy (Week 3) – $4,500,000
  10. Concussion (Week 3) – $3,050,000


  • So The Force Awakens really deserves full-time coverage to even get to the breadth of its accomplishments. On Wednesday it officially became the highest grossing film in the USA, crossing Avatar‘s unprecedented $760M by $4M. It took Avatar 238 days to reach that number, including a re-release and spending the final 3 months to make the final $1M in its initial run. The Force Awakens smashed – thrashed, demolished, crushed – that in in 20 days. Americans love their wars starry. Now it’s the first film to cross $800M with $812M so far, and will be looking to cross Avatar‘s adjusted benchmark of $837M next. It’s now the #1 film worldwide now, finally crossing Jurassic World‘s $1.669B with $1.733B with a little help from a strong Chinese weekend, making it the #3 film worldwide and balancing out its ratio a little bit more. However, since the 90s films manage at best 4 consecutive weeks at #1 which Star Wars has easily hit now. Avatar managed 7 weeks and although it didn’t make as much as first, the legs it had translated into miniscule drops. Can Star Wars be the second film since The Sixth Sense to stay at #1 for 5 weeks straight? With Ride Along 2 coming next week, it’s unlikely.
  • Here’s an unexpected competitor. The Revenant was expected to make less than half of its eventual $38M this weekend but packed houses to see Mr. DiCaprio tackle bears and Tom Hardy proved estimates wrong. That’s star power. Things are looking a little more optimistic financially for Inarritu’s ambitious Birdman followup.
  • Daddy’s Home crosses $100M with $116M and is looking to pass by the Ferrell/Wahlberg comedy The Other Guys‘ $119M pretty soon. Looks like we’ll see the pair team up again sooner rather than later.
  • Our first wide film of 2016 The Forest starring Game of Thrones‘ Natalie Dormer makes its measly $10M budget back in a couple days so coming at #4 is not a big loss. It’s a PG-13 rating for a horror film so it will end up with around $25M tops.
  • Most films plummeted an expected more than 50% this weekend – with exception to The Revenant – but Sisters dropped 43.8%. The girly alternative to Daddy’s Home has some legs on her. It’s grossed $74M so far, will be hoping to hit $100M at best at some point.
  • The Hateful Eight drops a disappointing 59.6% and that’s while adding 464 theaters. Of course, a long movie means less showings. This probably won’t even make half of what Django Unchained managed and has made $41M so far.
  • The Big Short drops 30.5% but adds nearly 1000 theaters to balance it out. This Best Picture hopeful is putting up a fight with good staying power and it’s grossed $42M so far. This is the typical benchmark for a Best Picture winner at their lowest these days whereas Spotlight‘s $28M would be the lowest grossing besides The Hurt Locker in over 40 years, not adjusting for inflation. Will the numbers walk the walk?
  • The Road Chip drops 54.4% and has made $75M so far. I knew you wanted to know.
  • Joy also drops 55.9% as it begins its exit from theaters already. Making just $46M so far on its inexplicable $60M budget, it’s really hoping for Jennifer Lawrence to score an Oscar nom to give people a reason to see it. Russell could go from 10 easy nominations to none.
  • Concussion drops 61.1% and has made a small $30M so far. Moviegoers probably prefer Will Smith being funny rather than dramatic. After Focus made just $53M last year and After Earth‘s infamous bombing, it’s probably time to reconsider how much star power Smith has, especially as DiCaprio just showed us what his face on a poser can do.


  • In other news, there’s not much other news in the first week of the year. Kids are back in school. Adults still working. Mr. Weinstein pops Carol in a few more theaters and it made just over $1M this weekend bringing its total to near $7M in 8 weeks.
  • You know what film ended up with the best theater average of the weekend? You won’t guess. It was a re-release of Orson Welles’ 1965 film Chimes of Midnight on its second weekend. In one theater. It made $19k.
  • Paramount adds 13 theaters to Anomalisa‘s limited run and it has a respectable average of $13k. It’s made $490k so far, which is somewhat concerning given the $8M budget. Please don’t let it be another 7 years til we get a Kaufman again.


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