Box Office Report: “The Martian” holds strong, “Steve Jobs” has stunning limited debut


(OCTOBER 9 – OCTOBER 11, 2015 estimates)
Last Weekend

  1. The Martian (Week 2) – $37,000,000
  2. Hotel Transylvania 2 (Week 3) – $20,300,000
  3. Pan (Opening) – $15,530,000
  4. The Intern (Week 3) – $8,660,000
  5. Sicario (Week 4) – $7,350,000
  6. Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (Week 4) – $5,250,000
  7. The Walk (Week 2) – $3,650,000
  8. Black Mass (Week 4) – $3,130,000
  9. Everest (Week 4) – $3,030,000
  10. The Visit (Week 5) – $2,420,000


  • A pretty good weekend for all but two significantly special effects laden films. The Martian has an extremely strong second weekend, much better than Interstellar‘s for a comparison and it’s already $1sM ahead. It’s kissing its budget of $108M total now and has the potential to outgross Damon’s biggest grosser The Bourne Ultimatum‘s $227M.
  • Hotel Transylvania 2 continues to outdo its predecessor, dropping only 38.8% from last week, with a total of $116M so far. Certainly signifying a successful franchise.
  • Here’s both the biggest and least surprising news of the week, the panned Pan flopped. It made 10% of its budget of $150M. Even notable flops from this year Tomorrowland managed $33M and Fantastic Four $25M. That said, if it gets over $50M domestic, it’ll still be Joe Wright’s highest grossing film. It is the only new release in the top 10 this week, which might make that more embarrassing that it couldn’t beat a film that’s on its third week.
  • The Intern holds strong dropping only 25.9% from last week. It’s nearly grossed $50M total.
  • Sicario is having a somewhat underwhelming hold compared to its impressive limited release numbers (which have now been handedly eclipsed by a film we’ll get to shortly). It’s made $26M so far. Perhaps its acclaim will give it good legs.
  • A month in and while Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials‘ drop isn’t too bad, only 32.7%, it’s $13M behind its predecessor at this point. It’s earned $70M so far.
  • The Walk takes a huge hit as it can’t get people to come see its gimmick. It’s a very small number for a wide release especially considering Everest‘s $13M wide second week was considered underwhelming.
  • Black Mass continues its descent out of the top 10, it’s made $57M so far.
  • Everest the same but it’s only made $38M which is bad for a film on this scale. Again, international appeal has saved it and it’s made $120M overseas.
  • The Visit did a good job to hold onto the top 10 for so long, it’s made $61M.


  • In other news, we’re bowled over by what Steve Jobs has done. Making $521k from just 4 theaters, it has a theater average of $130k. This makes it one of the top 15 opening weekends for theater averages, a list that’s dominated by Disney, just behind Moonrise Kingdom, The Master, American Sniper, The Grand Budapest Hotel and Red State. No doubt Oscar buzz keeps those 4 theaters crowded but it’ll be interesting to see how it does on wide release. What a year for Universal right?
  • 99 Homes expands a little bit, adding 672 theaters, but it underwhelms with a theater average of $913. It made $630k this weekend with $808k overall so far.
  • The documentary He Named Me Malala is doing much better, adding 442 theaters to an average of $1.5k. It made $685k over the weekend.
  • Stephen Daldry’s Trash, a film that was a tentative Oscar contender last year, opens to 17 theaters making just $10k which is an average of $588. Bad weekend for Rooney Mara – though I sincerely doubt she cares.
  • Disney throws on a couple more theaters to Inside Out, pushing its domestic total to $354M. It’s made $818M worldwide making it Pixar’s third biggest property behind Toy Story 3 and Finding Nemo. Nice small comeback.
  • Jurassic World also pushes itself up a little bit, settling on $651M. We’ll see if it hangs around to hit $652M.