Box Office Report: “Maze Runner” sequel ahead of “Black Mass”, “Sicario” stellar limited release




  1. Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (Opening) – $30,300,000
  2. Black Mass (Opening) – $23,360,000
  3. The Visit (Week 2) – $11,350,00
  4. The Perfect Day (Week 2) – $9,640,000
  5. Everest (Opening) – $7,560,000
  6. War Room (Week 4) – $6,250,000
  7. A Walk in the Woods (Week 3) – $2,732,730
  8. Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (Week 8) – $2,250,000
  9. Straight Outta Compton (Week 6) – $1,970,000
  10. Grandma (Week 5) – $1,595,820


  • Maze Runner: Scorch Trails hits slightly less than its predecessor which earned $32.5M on its opening weekend, but not that bad of a slip. These franchises tend to hope to do significantly better than the last though.
  • Black Mass has a solid opening for a non-blockbuster Johnny Depp, comparable to Public Enemies‘ $25M opening, of which eventually petered out to $97M total. While Depp has gotten stellar reviews, he doesn’t elevate the film. It might not have the legs he needs to propel him to a prospective Oscar nod. It’s still on the cards but he’s an outlier now.
  • The Visit drops 55.4% earning $42M domestic so far, meanwhile…
  • The Perfect Guy drops 62.8%, earning $41M domestic so far. Still, it’s at 1,000 less theaters than Shyamalan’s horror so not too shabby.
  • Everest debuts exclusively in IMAX, i.e. 545 theaters, earning the best theater average of the lot with $13.8k compared to the top 2’s $7k. No doubt 3D helped. Universal is just having the best year.
  • War Room continues to shrink minutely, down 19.6% from last week. It’s earned $49M domestically so far.
  • A Walk In The Woods strolls to $24M total so far.
  • Rogue Nation is still holding onto the top 10 with a Tom Cruise-like grip, earning $191M total so far. It’s still $18M away from Ghost Protocol.
  • Straight Outta Compton continues its bittersweet descent but while its theater count drops, the average stays modest at $1k. It’s earned $158M so far. Even with the gross adjusted, it’s easily F. Gary Gray’s highest grossing film.
  • Hey Grandma. After lingering in the pits of limited screenings, it’s gotten a wide release. With that boost, it’s close to grossing $4M total.


  • In other news, Grandma actually beat new release Captive, starring Kate Mara and David Oyelowo, though that had less theaters and a better average. It earned $1.4M this weekend.
  • Sicario has a stunning limited release, earning $390k in just 6 theaters, that puts its average at $65k.
  • Pawn Sacrifice has a modest start in limited release, earning $206k in 33 theaters which puts its average at $6k, around what the top 2 were doing.
  • Jurassic World then? That train is nearly pulling to a stop. It’s nearly at $650M, but last week I said it was nearly at $649M. 8 weeks to go until it beats Titanic? Unlikely. But, you never know…


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Written by Jack Moulton

Jack is a recent graduate of the University of Hertfordshire, UK, with a degree in Film and Television Production. Resident film encyclopaedia, he naturally slipped into film journalism, though has interest in writing and making them himself one day. See his tumblr blog to the side for more film reviews and lists.


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