Box Office Report: “Star Wars” continues to ascend sending America flocking to the theaters for Christmas


(DECEMBER 25 – DECEMBER 27, 2015 actuals)
Last Weekend

  1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Week 2) – $149,202,860
  2. Daddy’s Home (Opening) – $38,740,203
  3. Joy (Opening) – $17,015,168
  4. Sisters (Week 2) – $14,189,455
  5. Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip (Week 2) – $13,142,329
  6. The Big Short (Week 3) – $10,531,026
  7. Concussion (Opening) – $10,500,000
  8. Point Break (Opening) – $9,805,000
  9. The Hunger Games – Mockingjay: Part 2 (Week 6) – $5,277,828
  10. The Hateful Eight (Opening) – $4,610,676


  • The Force Awakens has been breaking records left and right this week. Every day had a new milestone. Just assume it was the most of everything and the fastest to everything and we’ll stick to the current standings this weekend. Yeah, so; it’s the biggest second weekend of all-time of course, biggest Christmas Day of all-time by twice as much as the previous record holder, highest grossing Star Wars movie not adjusted for inflation – where it’s only beaten episodes II and III so far, fastest movie to a billion dollars (9 days, beating Jurassic‘s 17), already the #2 film of the year and it currently sits at #5 on the all-time domestic box office list. After 10. Freaking. Days. It’s made $544M so far in the U.S and an additional $546M internationally (likely to not be an updated list) and $1.09B so far. The point still stands at Star Wars’ traditional ratio of 45/55, awaiting more numbers and for the film to be released in China, but it’s being projected to perhaps hit a billion in the U.S. A generous extra $200M overseas would have the film challenge Titanic, but Avatar‘s worldwide gross would still be way off. I expect it to start to wedge itself between the Camerons by next weekend.
  • Very good weekend for the box office – helped by having Christmas Day on a Friday no doubt – it was up by over a third of last year’s total gross of the top 40. The Force Awakens helped every film out with very little films dropping (besides one example, though mostly due to a sharp drop in theaters). Will Farrell and Mark Wahlberg comedy Daddy’s Home proves they’re a winning couple as it’s a small improvement on their previous collaboration The Other Guys which had a $35M opening.
  • David O. Russell’s Joy nearly matched what American Hustle did in its first wide weekend where it hit $19M. This film was all on Jennifer Lawrence, and comparing that to other opener Concussion which was built on the star power of Will Smith that made almost half as much, it’s fair to say that she has some influence outside of her franchise. While critics have bashed and bruised Joy to oblivion, it’ll probably squeeze itself to $100M like previous Russell and Lawrence collaborations Hustle and Silver Linings Playbook.
  • Good news for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as Sisters actually rises up 1.9% after last week. Adding another $14M to its pile bumps its gross up to $37M. It should surely beat Baby Mama‘s $60M domestic total.
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip plummets down from #2 to #5 but it drops only 8%. It’s made $39M so far but the other Chipmunk films handedly made over $100M, with the first two making over $200M, and this will struggle to meet that benchmark.
  • Unlike other films with extraordinary limited theater averages that struggled to have wide appeal, the star-studded The Big Short lands on its feet with a solid $10M. It’s grossed $16M so far. No doubt, this is the real latecoming surprise contender of the year. Globe Director snub aside, it’s starting to look like an all-rounder.
  • Concussion does as well as expected, but will be relying on Will Smith to get an Oscar nom to have real legs.
  • Even Point Break did relatively well for a film we all assumed would be panned and flopped. It still has and it’ll surely drop like it’s hot next week but just goes to show the spread of the wealth this weekend.
  • Mockingjay drops just 10.4% on its 6th week now even as it begins to exit theaters but of course, way below hopes. It’s grossed $264M.
  • The Hateful Eight manages to slip into the top 10 after Creed was originally estimated to take the bottom spot. The roadshow between 100 theaters managed an impressive average of $46k despite many reports of having issues with the 70mm projection.


  • In other news, The Revenant releases to 4 theaters with an average of $118k, second this year only to Steve Jobs‘ $130k. It made $474k this weekend, even despite the screener leak. This film needs to make a lot of bank on Leo’s star power to break even.
  • 45 Years releases in 3 theaters with a respectable average of $21k.
  • In The Heart of the Sea is the biggest casualty of the week with a 71.3% drop after its third week, grossing just $1M. Ouch to Ron Howard.
  • Curiously, the other big drop is the Christmas themed The Night Before which was taken out of most of its theaters despite it being Christmas weekend. I figured it would stick around for at least this week, but the audiences had spoken. Onto 2016 next week, happy new year y’all!


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