Box Office Report: “The Boss” elbows “Batman v Superman” from the top spot by one red hair



(APRIL 8 – APRIL 10, 2016 estimates)
Last Weekend

  1. The Boss (Opening) – $23,480,000
  2. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Week 3) – $23,435,000
  3. Zootopia (Week 6) – $14,353,000
  4. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (Week 3) – $6,420,000
  5. Hardcore Henry (Opening) – $5,096,000
  6. Miracles From Heaven (Week 4) – $4,844,000
  7. God’s Not Dead 2 (Week 2) – $4,33,707
  8. Allegiant (Week 4) – $3,600,000
  9. 10 Cloverfield Lane (Week 5) – $3,000,000
  10. Eye In The Sky (Week 5) – $2,89,375


  • Now there’s a reason why I said ‘by a hair’ in the title (red because, well, look at the chosen picture of McCarthy rubbing it in BvS’ face). The Boss edged Batman v Superman out by less than $40k according to estimates. Now, tomorrow this headline could be wrong but today, this is what it is. Excluding her supporting performance in St. Vincent and her cameo in This Is 40, this is her 6th film in a row that grossed over $20M on opening. The poor reviews will mean this won’t touch $100M, and probably level off around Tammy‘s $84M which was also co-written and directed by her husband Ben Falcone.
  • This is kind of embarrassing for Warner Brothers, on its third weekend, Batman v Superman: Quest for Peace has dropped from #1. Dropping a staggering 54.3%, it hasn’t even hit the $300M marker yet considering it almost hit $200M with its opening. Usually the third weekend is a recovery weekend. It might be below Zootopia next week. Foreign markets has its back though and it’s made $783M worldwide outpacing Deadpool‘s $758M. We’ll see if plans to release the 3-hour R-rated ‘Ultimate Edition’ come to fruition, and if so, whether that pushes it towards any landmarks. It needs to wait for this one to run its course first.
  • Meanwhile, Zootopia has legs to die for, dropping only 25.7% on its sixth weekend. It’s actually made nearly exactly the same as Batman v Superman with $296M in the USA, but these comparisons are all relative when BvS had a $90M headstart. Zootopia has hit $852M worldwide, making it the highest grossing film of the year worldwide so far though third domestically, and ranks at #46 in the all-time chart. It still has to open in Japan too so we may be looking at the year’s first billion dollar club entry. The race is just getting started.
  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 dips 42.8% and has made $46M so far. It’s made an additional $24M internationally bringing its total to $70M. I really want to see the numbers for Greece if it’s been released there already.
  • Hardcore Henry is a tough sell to anyone who isn’t their target audience (aka teenage boys who play violent first-person shooter games). In fact, they probably won’t sit through it all unless strapped down. Releasing mega-wide meant it was trying to catch all the kids it can and spread its average to about $1.6k. It’ll probably fall out of half of those theaters by tomorrow and have a more forgiving average next week.
  • Miracles From Heaven continues its kind descent, dropping just 33.2%. It’s made $53M so far on a $13M budget.
  • God’s Not Dead 2 is the next harshest drop besides BvS with 43.2%. It’s made $14M so far, falling way short of the $60M the first one ended up with.
  • Lionsgate execs are probably running around the studio with their heads on fire. Allegiant is a disaster, not even making half of what Insurgent made. It’s up to $61M so far whereas Insurgent made $130M. International box office helps them save face boosting them up to $141M but ouch. The drop of just 37.5% while it exits over 500 theaters is a small consolation.
  • 10 Cloverfield Lane drops 34.3% and has made nearly $68M so far. An extra $26M overseas boosts that to $94M worldwide. It should be able to get that to $100M and level it off there.
  • Eye in the Sky, a film which I’ve neglected to note in past articles is among Alan Rickman’s final performances, dropped a respectable 28.6%. Its cast is certainly helping it stay in the top 10 as it mounts its 4th week. It’s made $10M so far.


  • In other news, Jake Gyllenhaal’s Demolition gets a last minute semi-wide release and with minimal marketing and tepid reviews it’s a bad move as it barely makes over $1M. With a fierce average of $1.3k, maybe they should have went all out with the wide weekend like Hardcore Henry. Jean-Marc Vallee’s last two Oscar-magnet films Dallas Buyers Club and Wild each averaged $28k in their limited releases.
  • Deadpool is out of the top 10 but still made an extra $2M this weekend. It’s up to $358M in the USA. Will Zootopia even catchup?
  • Hello My Name Is Doris isn’t going down without a fight as it makes over $1M and edges towards $10M. Victory lap for its tiny production companies.
  • Midnight Special goes a little wider with near 500 theaters and and came out with just over $1M and a theater average of $2.3k. It’s made just $2M so far. Hopefully Jeff Nichols’ Loving puts up a better performance.
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens is available on DVD now and the box office showed the hit as it fell below $400k. It did manage to pass $935M this week though. Maybe one more mil in it. Do they plan to re-release it when Rogue One comes out?
  • Miles Ahead wins the theater average battle again, but only putting up $9k between 25 theaters. It’s made $377k so far.
  • Everybody Wants Some is perhaps the most critically acclaimed 2016 film in theaters right now and it follows Miles Ahead with an $8k average between 63 theaters. It’s made $974k so far.
  • Horror film The Invitation is released to $67k between 10 theaters.
  • Sam Rockwell’s Mr. Right bitterly disappoints with a $714 average between 35 theaters. It made just $25k. Releasing on VOD probably hinders its performance.
  • Jesse Eisenger’s Louder Than Bombs is not much better with $24k made between 4 theaters.
  • And yet, arthouse film Neon Bull has them the above 3 beaten with $7k from one theater.


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