Box Office Report: “The Martian” back on top, “Steve Jobs” underperforms


(OCTOBER 23 – OCTOBER 25, 2015 estimates)
Last Weekend

  1. The Martian (Week 4) – $15,900,000
  2. Goosebumps (Week 2) – $15,500,000
  3. Bridge of Spies (Week 2) – $11,365,000
  4. The Last Witch Hunter (Opening) – $10,825,000
  5. Hotel Transylvania 2 (Week 5) – $9,000,000
  6. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (Opening) – $8,200,000
  7. Steve Jobs (Week 3) – $7,270,000
  8. Crimson Peak (Week 2) – $5,560,000
  9. The Intern (Week 5) – $3,855,000
  10. Sicario (Week 6) – $2,950,000


  • On its fourth week, The Martian scores its third non-consecutive #1 spot, dropping only 25.4% from last week. Considering it’s top competition was the same two from last week, it’s mighty impressive. It’s grossed $166M domestically and $384M worldwide. It’s still gotta crack Home‘s $177M before it can be crowned Fox’s highest grossing film and in the top 10 of the year so far.
  • Goosebumps only misses the top spot by a little bit, dropping 34.4% from last week. It’s grossed $43M so far.
  • Bridge of Spies is nice and comfortable in that #3 spot with an impressive drop of just 26.1%. Looks like word of mouth is solid. It’s still way behind other Hanks/Spielberg collaborations, but it’ll likely stick around in certain theaters throughout Oscar season regardless of its traction. It’s grossed $32M so far.
  • Vin Diesel’s The Last Witch Hunter is the highest hitter of the new wide releases but it’s way below expectations, especially in light of Diesel’s Furious 7 success. It can’t quite capitalize on the season and will struggle to hit its reported budget of around $80M.
  • Meanwhile, Hotel Transylvania 2‘s novelty holds strong, dropping 28.8% from last week. It’s grossed $148M so far and $315M worldwide. It’s literally a couple grand away from its predecessor’s count and will soon become Sony Pictures Animation’s highest grossing film to date.
  • There’s another Paranormal Activity film out? I should’ve guessed. We’ll presume this 6th edition (The Generic Dimension) was made on a shoestring budget and its $8M is thus a roaring success. Perhaps not though as that’s the weakest debut a Paranormal Activity film has had besides the first’s limited release. It’s been crawling down at a rapid rate since the third grossed $52M on the opening weekend. Train rolling to a stop?
  • So, Steve Jobs. Stunning opening weekend, but those were the niche theaters. It joined the club with Moonrise Kingdom and The Master but their endings weren’t too optimistic. The theater average is very modest, nearing $3k, but its only nearly at $10M domestic on that third week. Public interest may not be where they want it, but Oscars are in mind anyway.
  • Bad weekend for Universal? What year is this? Their Crimson Peak had a predictable drop of 57.7% despite Halloween approaching. Perhaps a confusion of tone between marketing and what Del Toro was going for. It’s grossed $22M so far on its $55M budget, but at least there’s been lots of buzz for its technical aspects which Pan’s Labyrinth won 3 for in 2006. Could still work out in some way.
  • The Intern continues its steady descent, dropping 29.2% and grossing $64M so far.
  • Sicario will soon bow out of the top 10, though not bad to still be hanging around on the 6th week. It’s grossed $39M which is over $20M below Prisoners. Gotta set the average for Villeneuve somewhere.


  • In other news, Bill Murray’s panned Rock the Kashbah couldn’t even reach over Pan. It grossed $1.5M with a theater average of $750.
  • Pan dropped a lot by the way, 56.7% and it’s grossed $29M so far. Oops.
  • Kid’s TV adaptation Jem and the Holograms did worse than Kashbah, if that’s any consolidation Bill, grossing $1.3M with a theater average of $547. Both Jem and Kashbah are among the worst openers in over 2000 screens, just ahead of this year’s We Are Your Friends. Apparently this particular one was cheap though.
  • Oscar hopeful Suffragette opens in 4 theaters to $77k with an average of $19k. Not quite as impressive as Room and Steve Jobs but we’ll see how it gets on as it narrows down its marketing on women specifically.


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