Box Office Report: “The Martian” boasts 4th bout on top, “Burnt” and “Brand” bomb


(OCTOBER 30 – NOVEMBER 1, 2015 estimates)
Last Weekend

  1. The Martian (Week 5) – $11,400,000
  2. Goosebumps (Week 3) – $10,210,000
  3. Bridge of Spies (Week 3) – $8,060,000
  4. Hotel Transylvania 2 (Week 6) – $5,830,000
  5. Burnt (Opening) – $5,038,000
  6. The Last Witch Hunter (Week 2) – $4,750,000
  7. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (Week 2) – $3,450,000
  8. Our Brand Is Crisis (Opening) – $3,430,000
  9. Crimson Peak (Week 3) – $3,110,000
  10. Steve Jobs (Week 4) – $2,580,000


  • While we await Spectre, we have the worst weekend of 2015 for now. Theaters just could not pull people in on this Halloween weekend and we’re greeting the same top 3 for the third time. Good for The Martian‘s track record though with its 4th non-consecutive time at #1. It’s made $182M so far which is so very close to Interstellar‘s $188M. It’s very close to being Scott’s highest grossing film domestically while it’s at it and it’s grossed $428M worldwide.
  • Goosebumps has done well to stay in the top 2 for its first month, but it’s still weak, only barely kissing its $58M budget with $57M grossed so far. Still needs to prove its worth in the international box office. At least it’s hopped over Gulliver’s Travels‘ $42M.
  • The #3 spot has a bridge sized groove carved into it as Bridge of Spies nestles in for the third time. It’s grossed a handsome $45M so far, though that’s still vastly underwhelming. It’ll stick around til March.
  • Hotel Transylvania 2 is here to stay, folks. You can’t kick it out of the top 5. It had the biggest drop of the top 4 recurring films here with a tiny 34.4%. The people of America are playing catchup this month. It’s grossed $156M so far and $373M worldwide.
  • Bradley Cooper’s Burnt couldn’t even beat a sequel on its second week. What happened? Is it just that bad or was this the least convenient weekend? There was certainly plenty of opportunities as it opened in over 3,000 theaters resulting in one of the top 5 worst openings for that many theaters. Even Aloha managed a $9M opening weekend. Perhaps the patriotism enticed American viewers for Sniper earlier this year and not Cooper, but we’ll give him a bit longer to be put to the theory to the test.
  • The Last Witch Hunter drops an unsurprising 56.1%, grossing $18M so far.
  • Ditto for Paranormal Activity… 6? I think six. 57.3%, $13M thus far.
  • Our Brand Is Crisis indeed for Warner Bros and Sandra Bullock. Perhaps mismarketed or the sign of diminishing star power but even Bullock couldn’t get butts on seats this weekend. We know David Gordon Green doesn’t make dollars but this is Bullock’s worst opening to date. Ouch.
  • This weekend is so bad that Crimson Peak is still with us, little silver lining for Del Toro fans. It drops 45.1% which is certainly an improvement from last weekend. It’s grossed $27M so far and $61M worldwide.
  • Here’s this weekend’s real kick in the balls. Mainstream audiences just do not care about Steve Jobs. We got a stunning limited opening – the niche who care – but it’s dropped a staggering 63.7% this weekend grossing $14M so far. It’s going to be lucky to cross Boyle’s 127 Hours‘ $18M but that was in less than half the theaters Jobs occupies. Universal are drying tears with Minions dollars. The film has enough prestige to still land the Oscar noms that count, but it’s hard to imagine it’ll hit hard enough to win anything. I think we’ll have to see whether it’ll get that all important Film Editing nomination to tell whether or not its box office disappoint really stung. Even 127 Hours managed that one without a director nom.


  • In other news, Spectre had a tremendous weekend overseas breaking Skyfall‘s records across the globe. It grossed £41M ($63M) in the UK which makes it the highest grossing opening week in its box office history. It’s made $80M overseas overall so far. Americans will have to wait a little longer.
  • Scouts Guide to the Apocalypse was a thing that was out. Some awareness was there but it apparently didn’t mention it was currently in theaters. It grossed just $1.7M across 1,509 theaters.
  • Truth is struggling to muster enthusiasm as it goes a little wider adding 1,100 theaters. It grossed just $900k with an average of $803. Incredibly underwhelming weekend for adult-orientated films, Bridge of Spies excluded. Many were out at parties dressed as their favourite characters instead.
  • Room is also struggling to have decent legs after impressive limited opening. It’s only in 49 theaters with an average of $5.5k but that’s only equating to $766k total after 3 weeks.
  • Bracing ourselves for Suffragette to underwhelm when it adds more theaters as well. It’s in 23 with an average of $6.7k making $258k in 2 weeks.
  • Gasper Noe’s Love in 3D is out in 2 theaters making a cool $30k. I’ll be surprised to hear from it next week but it actually had the best theater average of the weekend – $15k for the lazy – and the only film over $10k. Here’s to a brighter November!


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