Box Office Results (06.30.13)

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Taking a look at the top five this first month of summer stats, ‘Man Of Steel‘ (WB) comes out at #1 with over $230M, ‘Monsters University‘ (BV) in at #2 with just over $130M, and ‘World War Z‘ (Par.) barely making over $100M at the box office. ‘This Is The End‘ (Sony) falls into #4 at $68M and ‘The Purge‘ (Uni.) pulls in just over $61M. Internationally, the top three this month are all over the world, sitting at the top of multiple box offices. Without surprise, Brad Pitt dominates South Korea, Zack Snyder’s recent depiction of the Superman story, but Will Smith and his son sit on top in Japan, though several of the big titles has yet to be released in the country.

This week, the cute and cuddly monsters find their way to #1, followed by WWZ at #2, Henry Cavill flies into #3, the  apocalyptic comedy led by Seth Rogen falls into #4, and our fantastic four magicians from ‘Now You See Me‘ (LG/S) takes #5. Chasing down Owen Shaw takes our favorite family of racers into #6, ‘The Purge‘ in at #7, ‘The Internship‘ at #8, with the Enterprise at #9 and the teenaged thieves at #10. This Friday saw the opening of funny buddy film ‘The Heat‘ (Fox) and ‘White House Down‘ (Sony), along with ‘Byzantium‘ (IFC) in six theaters before next Friday’s ‘Despicable Me 2‘ (Uni.) and ‘The Lone Ranger‘ (BV). After that, there are a slew of releases, mostly on Fridays.


This weekend, Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock laughed their way into #2, unable dethrone ‘Monsters University‘. ‘WWZ‘ dropped to #3, ‘White House Down‘ explodes into #4, and ‘Man of Steel‘ at #5. Rogen and his boys drop to #6, ‘Now You See Me‘ to #7, ‘Fast 6‘ at #8, ‘Star Trek‘ at #9 and ‘The Internship‘ at #10. Also out this week, ‘I’m So Excited‘ (SPC) crash lands at #25, ‘Byzantium‘ (IFC) at #36.

1Monsters University Buena Vista
2The Heat Fox
3World War Z Paramount
4White House Down Sony
5Man of Steel Warner Bros.
6This is the End Sony
7Now You See Me Lionsgate/Summit
8Fast & Furious 6 Universal
9Star Trek Into Darkness Paramount
10The Internship Fox

Happy movie watching this week! Enjoy a night under the stars and fireworks! Pop in something patriotic or not, or something in between like ‘Independence Day‘ (1996) or ‘The Avengers‘ (2012).

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Written by Tiff Chai

I enjoy watching, writing, and making action dramas, romantic comedies, and sci-fi/fantasies. I enjoy incorporating different ethnicities, cultures, and beliefs into my projects.


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