Box Office Review: Surprise! ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Remains Number One

The Dark Knight Rises ($64.1 million) repeats as the box office champion in its second week to no one’s surprise. However, after a 60 percent drop from its week one totals it’s looking less likely that Nolan’s final Batman film will catch The Avengers’ incredible box office mass (its running about $84 million behind The Avengers’ numbers after 10 days). So it seems you can toss out my prediction that the film would finish as the third highest grossing film ever. But money isn’t everything, and while the film is still earning a boatload of cash, I’m sure the folks at Warner Brothers are more than proud of the film they are distributing.

The people at Fox held the next two spots, including Ice Age Continental Drift ($13.3 million), which is doing much better overseas than it is domestically, and Ben Stiller’s The Watch (a very weak $13 million opening). Awful reviews and the shooting of Trayvon Martin by a neighborhood watchman probably doomed The Watch from the start.

Step Up Revolution ($11.8 million) – hopefully the final sequel in a franchise that somehow managed to find its way to a fourth film – finished fourth, while Ted ($7.4 million) rounds out this week’s top five at the box office.

Box Office Review:

1. The Dark Knight Rises – $64.1 million
2. Ice Age: Continental Drift – $13.3 million
3. The Watch – $13.0 million
4. Step Up Revolution – $11.8 million
5. Ted – $7.4 million

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Written by Mark Johnson

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