Box Office: ‘Rogue One’ Nearly Overtaken by ‘Sing’

(Image courtesy of Walt Disney Studios)

(DECEMBER 30 – JANUARY 1, 2016/2017 estimates) (4-day estimates in Italics)

  1. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story(Week 3) – $49,539,000/$64,336,000
  2. “Sing” (Week 2) – $42,820,000/$56,400,000
  3. Passengers(Week 2) – $16,150,000/$20,700,000
  4. Moana(Week 6) – $10,974,000/$14,301,000
  5. “Why Him?” (Week 2) – $10,600,000/$13,000,000
  6. Fences (Week 3) – $10,045,000/$12,700,000
  7. La La Land(Week 4) – $9,530,000/$12,330,000
  8. Assassin’s Creed(Week 2) – $8,600,000/$10,875,000
  9. Manchester By the Sea(Week 7) – $4,239,250/$5,466,645
  10. “Collateral Beauty” (Week 3) – $4,150,000/$5,325,000


  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” entered the New Year at the top of the box office. This is the behemoth’s third straight weekend at the top. However, while it was the clear favorite the past two weekends, this weekend was a much closer call. In fact, the film had the steepest week-over-week drop of the top 10, losing 22 percent of its business. Still, the film has already amassed $439 million domestic and $789 million worldwide. This puts it on track for around $550 million domestically and passing $1 billion worldwide. While this is still far behind “Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens,” that is too high of a bar to set. This installation currently ranks as the fourth highest grossing “Star Wars” film domestically and worldwide. It is fast approaching “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope” and “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace” to be second to “The Force Awakens.”
  • The newest animated film from Illumination Entertainment, “Sing,” made a play for the top spot against “Rogue One.” It jumped 21 percent from its opening weekend. The holiday season has been kind to the film, which currently stands at $180 million domestically and $277 million worldwide. While this isn’t quite at the level of Illumination’s past hit this year, “The Secret Life of Pets,” it is one of the biggest success stories of the holiday season. Compared to the $75 million production budget, the film has already been a great late in the year profit turner for Universal. If the film continues to perform over January, it could best the $251 million gross of the original “Despicable Me.”
  • The star studded “Passengers” held on to its solid performance throughout the end of 2016. This allowed it to have a slight 6 percent increase over its opening weekend. The sci-fi romance’s domestic total stands at $66 million and worldwide total stands at $126 million. While the film cost $110 million, that only covers the production and not the marketing and distribution costs. The film has regained some ground, but still will be hard to turn a profit for Sony. The film may close in on $100 million domestically, but will face stiff competition.
  • After six weeks, “Moana” still manages to pack theaters, as it made it back into the top five. The film managed to jump 42 percent from last weekend and leapfrogged over two of last week’s poorly reviewed releases – “Why Him?” and “Assassin’s Creed.” The domestic total for the film stands at a remarkable $210 million. This puts the film nearly a week or two away from passing the $222 million total for “Big Hero 6.” This would make it the third highest grossing Walt Disney Animation film since 2007, behind only “Frozen” and “Zootopia,” which are far out of reach. Overseas dollars are a bit of a different story, as the film’s worldwide total sits at $402 million. This is the sixth highest total for Walt Disney Animation Studios since 2007. Either way, the film is an unqualified win for Disney.
  • The Bryan Cranston-James Franco comedy “Why Him? stuck around for the New Year. It was down 3 percent from its opening weekend. This brings the film’s total to $37 million domestic and $51 million worldwide. This is in line with the $38 million production budget of the film. However, the poorly reviewed raunchy film should taper off over the next couple of weeks. It will be hard for this to do more than break even for Fox.
  • Oscar hopeful “Fences” showed terrific growth since its nationwide expansion on Christmas Day. The film rocketed up 50 percent since last weekend, showing promising word of mouth for the film. It should be noted that last Friday and Saturday the film was in wide release, which is part of the reason this weekend’s jump is so drastic. Still, for a dramatic play adaptation, its current $32 million gross is quite good. As the film grows throughout the awards season, its box office prospects should continue to prosper. Against a $24 million budget, the film has already started to turn a profit for Paramount.
  • Best Picture frontrunner “La La Land” saw the largest bump over the New Year’s weekend. The film grew 65 percent from when it expanded nationwide last weekend. With a per-theater average of $12,707, it beat “Rogue One” to have the highest per-theater average of the top 10. Much like “Fences,” that expansion happened last Sunday, which may have inflated the jump. Still, it is hard not to be impressed by the performance of the modern day musical. The film’s total clocks in at $37 million domestically and $65 million worldwide. This is quite strong for the $30 million budgeted film. With the Golden Globes and Oscars ahead of it, the film will have ample room to continue to expand and move up the charts.
  • Interest is beginning to wane on the video game adaptation “Assassin’s Creed.” The action film saw the steepest drop of the top 10. Granted, 16 percent is not a terribly concerning dip on its own. However, it ensures the film will sink over the coming weeks now that people are back to school and work. Currently, the film has grossed $41 million domestically and $86 million worldwide. This is concerning for Fox, who invested $125 million to produce the film.
  • Another Oscar hopeful saw a strong boost over New Year’s weekend. “Manchester by the Sea grew 53 percent this past weekend, bringing its domestic total to $29 million. The independent film carried a small budget, making this a nifty hit for Roadside Attractions and Amazon Studios already. Like “La La Land,” this Oscar frontrunner should see steady, continued business over the next two months.
  • Bringing up the rear is the ill reviewed “Collateral Beauty.” The holiday themed film noticed a modest 2 percent dip now that the holiday season is over. The film has only been able to muster $26 million domestically and $46 million worldwide. This is a new low for movie star Will Smith, who saw similar results from last year’s bomb, “Concussion.” The film should vanish over the next week or two.


  • Hidden FiguresThe best per-theater average of the week went to “Hidden Figures.” The film continues to wow in limited release before its wide expansion on Friday. From last week’s opening, the film jumped 66 percent without any additional theaters. This resulted in a strong per-theater average of $34,329. After two weekends of being in 25 theaters, the film has already amassed $2.3 million.
  • Among new openers, both “20th Century Women and “Paterson both made it in under the wire to be considered 2016 films. The Annette Bening starrer “20th Century Woman” performed best. Released in only four theaters, the film grossed $112,000. This was strong enough for a per-theater average of $28,176. “Paterson,” on the other hand, opened in the same number of theaters but only grossed $69,000. Its per-theater average stands at $17,334. While both of these are strong numbers on their own, it’s hard not to envision how these would do outside of the end of the year with less competition in the specialty market.

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