Box Office: ‘Split’ Takes the Super Bowl Weekend Crown


(FEBRUARY 3 – FEBRUARY 5, 2017 estimates)

  1. “Split” (Week 3) – $14,584,485
  2. “Rings” (Opening) – $13,000,000
  3. “A Dog’s Purpose” (Week 2) – $10,824,830
  4. Hidden Figures(Week 7) – $10,100,000
  5. La La Land(Week 9) – $7,450,000
  6. “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” (Week 2) – $4,500,000
  7. “Sing” (Week 7) – $4,080,715
  8. Lion(Week 11) – $4,006,000
  9. “The Space Between Us” (Opening) – $3,820,000
  10. “xXx: The Return of Xander Cage” (Week 3) – $3,700,000


  • M. Night Shyamalan took a victory lap at the box office. “Split topped the box office for the third weekend in a row. The horror film dropped 43 percent in its third weekend, but managed to best the newcomers over Super Bowl weekend. This puts the film’s domestic box office at $98 million and worldwide total at $142 million. This is pacing better than other similar horror hits, such as “The Grudge” and “The Conjuring Part 2.” In terms of other Shyamalan films, this won’t measure up to the highs of “The Sixth Sense” or “Signs.” However, it does have a shot at besting “The Last Airbender” to be Shyamalan’s third biggest hit.
  • Rings,” the third entry in the Ring series, was not able to perform up to the standards of the past films in the series. The film opened to $13 million, which is even below the $15 million opening of the original sleeper hit back in 2002. Terrible reviews and 12 years since the last film may have doomed the film from the get go. However, the film only cost $25 million to make. When foreign grosses are added in, the film has already made $28 million.
  • A Dog’s Purpose” had a solid second weekend hold. The family film dropped 40 percent from its solid, if not muted, opening weekend. This does suggest that the controversy still lingers over the film and it won’t be able to have a healthy multiplier. Still, that shouldn’t matter too much, as the film only cost $22 million to make. To date, the film has grossed $32 million domestic and $42 million worldwide. The film should be able to get near $50 million domestically, which is more than past dog themed films, such as “Max.”
  • The feel good Oscar juggernaut “Hidden Figures wasn’t phased by the Super Bowl this weekend. The film dropped a scant 27 percent in its remarkable seventh weekend of release. This was the best hold of the top 10. Its domestic box office is currently the highest of any Best Picture nominee. It stands at $119 million and only continues to grow. If the film continues to hold like it has, it has a chance to even break $150 million.
  • The best picture frontrunner, “La La Land,” continued to sing a very profitable tune. The film dropped 39 percent in its ninth weekend, which is the largest drop the film has seen so far. Still, this is hardly bad news for the film, which has performed remarkably well. The domestic total for the film stands at $118 million and $268 million worldwide. This is a fantastic gross for an original musical which only cost $30 million. Its currently the third highest grossing film about Hollywood and the eighth highest grossing musical. By the time the Oscars role around, it should be able to pass “Into the Woods” and become the fifth highest grossing musical of all time.
  • There doesn’t seem to be any longevity left in the Resident Evil film franchise. “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter plummeted in its second weekend. The film lost two thirds of its business from its already disappointing opening weekend. This culminates to a disappointing $21 million domestic box office. Thankfully, the foreign box office is much more robust. The worldwide box office has risen to $117 million, already surpassing the worldwide total for the first “Resident Evil” film. This is good news, as the film cost a reasonable $40 million.
  • The animated film “Sing continues to hang on in the top 10 after seven weeks in release. It managed to only drop 36 percent, bringing its domestic total to $262 million and worldwide total to $487 million. The film will most likely be able to hang on for another week or two. Either way, it is a major win for Universal and Illumination Entertainment.
  • Lion” became the last Oscar Best Picture nominee to expand wide. The film added 830 theaters for a total theater count of 1,405 theaters. This caused its box office to rise 70 percent and open with $4 million. The per-theater average of $2,851 isn’t terribly encouraging for longevity. However, its domestic box office total of $24 million is nothing to scoff at for a small film. When foreign grosses are added, the worldwide box office rises to $38 million. The film should be able to hang around until the Oscar ceremony at the end of the month and could break $30 million domestically.
  • 2017’s latest bomb is the science fiction romance “The Space Between Us.” The film was only able to gross $3 million after opening to 2,812 theaters. This led to a pitiful per-theater average of $1,358. Even with a modest $30 million budget, the film would be lucky at this point to crack $10 million.
  • Domestically, the latest entry to the xXx franchise still can’t pass muster. “xXx: The Return of Xander Cage” plummeted another 57 percent in its third weekend, barely clinging to the top 10. This brings the film’s domestic total to $40 million. However, once foreign grosses are added in, its worldwide total grows to a rather strong $152 million.


  • Robert De Niro was unable to open his latest film. “The Comedian” opened semi-wide into 848 theaters, but couldn’t even fill those seats. It grossed $1.1 million on its opening weekend, which was good enough to be No. 20 on the charts. This led to a very unfunny per-theater average of $1,323. The film should vanish from screens very quickly based on this.
  • The Academy Award nominated documentary “I Am Not Your Negro had a much more welcoming limited release opening. In just 43 theaters, the film was able to gross $709,000 for a per-theater average of $16,500. This is a strong base for the documentary and it should only continue to grow as we head into the Oscar ceremony.

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