Bruce Dern and Will Forte Will Campaign as Co-Leads for ‘Nebraska’, New Images Released


In the midst of collecting the reactions to the screening of Alexander Payne’s Nebraska at Telluride, Paramount Pictures has released new images from the highly anticipated film.  In awards news, it has been decided that both Bruce Dern and Will Forte will both be campaigned for Lead Actor consideration for the Oscars this year.  After weeks of speculation and suggestions from pundits to , the Oscar-nominated actor for “Coming Home” will go up against contenders like Robert Redford and Matthew McConaughey.

Early word suggested that Dern walks the fine line between a leading and supporting portrayal.  Also, Supporting Actor has been a category that has found many longtime veterans recognized for their works.  Names like James Coburn (Affliction) and Alan Arkin (Little Miss Sunshine) come to mind.  It looks as though their not going the easy route and Dern will try to join the ranks of a highly competitive leading man category.

Do you think that Dern still has a formidable chance to win in Lead Actor as oppose to Supporting?

Check out the new images down below: