Can Brad Pitt Be the Latest Acting Winner from a Tarantino Film?


Believe it or not, there aren’t as many Oscar nominated performances from Quentin Tarantino projects as you’d think. So far, only seven have been nominated by the Academy. They are Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman, and John Travolta from “Pulp Fiction,” Robert Forster from “Jackie Brown,” Christoph Waltz from both “Inglourious Basterds” and “Django Unchained,” and Jennifer Jason Leigh from “The Hateful Eight.” More astoundingly, only Waltz has won, earning the Best Supporting Actor prize for both nominations. That’s five names from a host of worthy contenders. Today, we’re pondering the chances of Brad Pitt joining that small but elite club.

With “Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood’s” forthcoming release, Pitt, along with Leonardo DiCaprio, are about to be thrust into the early stages of the Oscar race. DiCaprio seems all but certain to be a Best Actor player, but what about Pitt? The thought of Pitt as a best supporting actor nominee may not so readily cross the minds of many. However, that may be his easiest path to an Academy Award. Could Sony opt to make them co-leads and compete against each other in Lead Actor? Both options are likely on the table right now.

Pitt certainly has the aura surrounding him of being due not just another Oscar nomination, but a win. Technically, he’s already won, having produced “12 Years a Slave,” but he’s yet to win for his work on screen. A three time nominee in that regard, this could be the perfect time to recognize his accomplishments. With a Hollywood centric role, which voters always are drawn to, the opportunity could be here for a consensus win to start building for him.

Tarantino utilized Pitt well once before, with the aforementioned “Inglourious Basterds,” so they’re no strangers to each other. Their talents are complimentary, which is part of why the reviews out of the Cannes Film Festival were overwhelmingly positive. Though that guarantees nothing. It’s a solid foundation from which to build a campaign upon. Provided that the flick proves as popular as suspected, Pitt will be in a good, early position as the race begins to evolve.

The odds may be against him, but the early buzz suggests a nomination, especially in Supporting Actor, isn’t out of the question at all for Pitt. In fact, most advance predictions have him slotted within the top five somewhere. Now, that actually translating to a win? Well, that remains to be seen. The movie is likely to be a force with the Academy, so it will be incumbent upon voters to make an effort with Pitt. If they do that, he could turn into a juggernaut.

Time for you all to weigh in with your take. Could Brad Pitt take home an Oscar for “Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood?” Would he fit in well as the second ever winner for a performance from a Tarantino film? Chime in with your two cents!

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