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Telluride Film Review: ‘Parasite’ Works In Perfect Synchrony With Story and Bliss

2019 TELLURIDE FILM FESTIVAL: The imagination and mind of renowned director Bong Joon-ho have fluttered around our cinematic universe for years with inventive and...

Telluride Film Review: ‘Marriage Story’ Finds the Keen Insight Into Family and Divorce

2019 TELLURIDE FILM FESTIVAL: The alluring qualities of Noah Baumbach have been felt in many of his particular outings such as "Kicking and Screaming,"...

Telluride Film Review: ‘A Hidden Life’ Begrudgingly Brings Malick Back

2019 TELLURIDE FILM FESTIVAL: Terrence Malick has been a director that has been experimenting not just with his own filmmaking abilities, but cinema as...
The Two Popes

Telluride Film Review: ‘The Two Popes’ Is The Answer To Our Cinematic Prayers

2019 TELLURIDE FILM FESTIVAL: As a film-enthusiast, or even a casual viewer of the medium, we often can be our own worst enemies,...

Telluride Film Review: ‘Motherless Brooklyn’ Stylistically Stumbles

2019 TELLURIDE FILM FESTIVAL: The history of film has weaved through genres that wet the appetites of the audiences that surround the theaters.  Three-time...

Film Review: ‘It: Chapter Two’ Knits Fear and Emotion But Fumbles Where It Counts

The horror and fear of Pennywise, the dancing clown, has been a staple in the minds of many for decades following Tim Curry's transformative...

Telluride Film Review: ‘The Aeronauts’ Flys With Felicity Jones and Visuals Intact

2019 TELLURIDE FILM FESTIVAL: Ambitious in scope, partnered with unnerving yet breathtaking visuals, Tom Harper's softly structured "The Aeronauts" embarks on a perilous journey...

Telluride Film Review: ‘Ford v Ferrari’ Packs Audible Tension and Soulful Heart

2019 TELLURIDE FILM FESTIVAL: The adrenaline of speed and sound are the foundation of exhilaration in James Mangold's sensational "Ford v Ferrari" from 20th...

Awards: New Predictions for Oscars and Emmys Drop w/ Category Moves and Festival Announcements

The official awards season is underway.  You may not feel like it is because there are plenty of questions of films, qualities, and festival...
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Film Review: ‘Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood’ Gives Leonardo DiCaprio a New Acting Realm...

The filmmaking sensibilities of writer and director Quentin Tarantino are evolving in two simultaneous courses as seen in not only his new film "Once...

Film Review: ‘Toy Story 4’ Evolves Its Characters With Love and Respect

Josh Cooley's "Toy Story 4" is a film that dares to explore the inventive scale of our humanity, all within the lens of plastic...

Film Review: ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Concludes With Heart and Standout Turns from Hemsworth, Renner, Gillan

This is a spoiler-free review of the latest film "Avengers: Endgame." The culmination of superheroes, villains, infinity stones, and quips all come to together in...

Emmy Network Spotlight: HBO Poised to Dominate the TV Awards

Welcome to the 2019 Emmy Circuit series, where we analyze and predict all your favorite TV series and their chances with the Television Academy (at...

Emmy Circuit: Is There Anything That Can Beat ‘Game of Thrones’ This Year?

Welcome to the 2019 Emmy Circuit series, where we analyze and predict all your favorite TV series and their chances with the Television Academy...

Film Review: ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ May Be the Best Marvel Movie Yet

In a world where superhero films are a carbon copy of one another, "Spider-Man: Homecoming" breathes new life into a character that has been...

Film Review: ‘The Beguiled’ is a Flawless Execution from Sofia Coppola

Touted with suspense and riveting performances from its cast, Sofia Coppola's "The Beguiled" stands alone as the single best film of 2017 so far,...

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