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The Tree of Life (***) Director Terrence Malick achieves some of the best cinematic and touching images seen on film in years with The Tree...

TV Review: “Beavis & Butthead” (***)

In the 90’s MTV had an identity little cable networks can match.  They appealed to the youth with its terrific shows like “TRL: Total...

X Factor Recap: Top 12 Performance & Results

The X Factor has been broadcast for several weeks on FOX and last night, the Top 12 acts took the stage for the first...

Historical Circuit: Halloween (1978) – (***½)

There is no horror film more sinister or more brilliant than that of John Carpenter's Halloween.  Released October 25, 1978, Carpenter's film went on...

Happy Halloween from the Awards Circuit!

What's your favorite scary movie?

Massive Oscar Tracker Update!

With the recent announcements of Keira Knightley from David Cronenberg's A Dangerous Method being campaigned in the Lead Actress category and every actor from...

Oscar Circuit: “There’s always room for more”

We are at the point in the season which Sasha Stone cleverly calls, the calm before the storm.  Films are opening in theaters, critics...

Comedy…It’s a Funny Thing

Comedy...something the Academy Awards haven't normally warmed up to in its 83 year history.  When Oscar goes for comedy it's usually in a "dramedy"...

Golden Globe Predictions – “They never get it right anyway”

As the Oscar Predictions are being updated this weekend, I thought an updated Golden Globe Prediction would be in order. Even though I thoroughly...

Studio FYC Sites are LIVE

Some studios have made their 2011 Awards or For Your Consideration sites LIVE.  They're up and running and it's so fun to look at...

A Better Life (***½)

Chris Weitz had a breakthrough in a big way in 2002's indie dramedy About a Boy, which he received an Academy Award nomination for...

Oscar Circuit – Newbies & Oldies: Male Edition

Oscar season is nearly in full swing.  The screeners and invitations have already started.  PR companies, studios, and other industry analysts are fighting hard...

Beautiful Boy (**½)

In this nearly terrifying age where our children are growing significantly faster than we want them to, fear, anxiety, and near paranoia starts to...

Trailer: “Carnage”

A new trailer for Roman Polanski's Carnage has hit the web. The reviews that have been shared have been positive but no one really...

Trailer: “Oranges and Sunshine”

A comment from one of our readers, Nazim, made me post the trailer for this Oscar hopeful. Is Emily Watson a serious contender?  Or...

Hollywood Film Awards to Honor Carey Mulligan

Carey Mulligan gets a taste of awards for this upcoming season in the 15th Annual Hollywood Festival and Hollywood Film Awards.  Mulligan will be...

Trailer: “The Lady”

As seen in the latest Oscar Predictions, I'm putting Michelle Yeoh in serious consideration to get her first Oscar nomination. She's been a respected...

Oscar Predictions Updated!

The official Oscar predictions have been updated and there has been a significant shift in certain categories.  The techs remain more or less the...

Academy Idol Season 5 starts November 13th!

Official: The 5th Season of Academy Idol will begin Sunday, November 13, 2011 with the announcement of this year's contenders.  This is a space...

Digging Into: Clayton Davis

After attending an early and advanced screening of the then-unfinished 2006 film “Bobby”, Clayton Davis, the respected and esteemed Awards Circuit editor was then...

Oscar Circuit: “I Wish”

My Oscar Predictions are due this weekend and I've been playing with them quite a bit.  I've even been having mini-pow-wow's with some of...

Poll Results – Jessica Chastain

Which film do you think Jessica Chastain will get an Oscar nomination for? Answer Votes Percent The Tree of Life 90 34% None. Too many films. Vote split inevitable 86 32% The Help 52 20% Take Shelter 23 9% Coriolanus 6 2% The...

Oscar Tracker and Technical Updates

There has been a massive update to our Oscar Tracker page ranging from the inclusions of all the films that debuted at the Toronto...

TV Review – “The X Factor” (***½)

Season 1 - Auditions #1 and Auditions #2 The highly anticipated U.S. version of the popular UK show from American Idol’s ex-judge Simon Cowell had...

TV Review – “The Office” (***)

Season 8 Episode 1 - "The List" The new Office Manager is…Andy Bernard. How could we not see that one coming? With the popularity of...

Drive (***½)

In the briefest of moments, especially as the summer starts to slowly dwindle away from our eyes, the cinema theaters can offer rare moments...

Golden Globe Predictions: “First Crack”

The Golden Globes, for past eight years or so, have been notorious for making uninspired choices, even downright mind-boggling exclusions in their lineups.  The...

TV Review: “Saturday Night LIVE”

“Saturday Night Live,” one of America’s most prized possessions of sketch comedy will be entering its 37th season on September 24th.  The season premiere...

Awards Circuit Emmy Awards Pool is Open!

Courtesy of our good friend Phil Wallace over at www.Picktainment.com Join the group and choose your predicted winners.  Winner of the pool gets a fantastic...

Oscar Circuit: ‘Let the Real Game Begin’ (09/12/11)

Well, we are now out of HTML format (in most aspects), some of the kinks of the new Awards Circuit are still being worked out but...

We Remember….

...ten years later.

Trailer: “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy”

Is Gary Oldman in real contention for the Oscar? Does the film look like something Oscar will embrace. Discuss.

Mary Tyler Moore to receive SAG Lifetime Achievement Award!

Mary Tyler Moore, Oscar nominated for her outstanding work in Robert Redford's Ordinary People (1980) will be the receipent of the prestigious Lifetime Achievement...

Welcome to the Brand New Awards Circuit!

To all our Faithful Readers, The Awards Circuit, in all its infinite glory has been a fantastic site in the making since May 2008.  Obviously...

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